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Constitution Telephone

To date, information is the most expensive item of trade. How it is getting set. From digging in the garbage (by the way, the way is very effective – you can find out quite simply everything about the client) to the telephone podslushki conversations and habitable premises. General rules of the hidden data acquisition in the Constitution. Every citizen of the Russian Federation has the right to privacy, personal correspondence, rights, health and freedoms. Everyone has the right to privacy … correspondence, telephone conversations …

Restrictions on this right shall be permitted only in cases and the procedure directly established by law. But the points of the Constitution are violated everywhere in order to malicious, such as blackmail or sell information, and to protect themselves. The main tools are tapping the so-called bugs or radiozakladki. There may be contact (radio bugs, stethoscopes), or contactless (directional microphones, laser microphones), bony plates can be cut into the telephone line or to build in directly to the phone bug can be disguised under any piece of furniture. Check out Wendy Rene for additional information. So, let's briefly consider certain types of eavesdropping devices.

Phone 'bugs' Phone bugs are used to listen to while on the premises of the handset, but if the phone handset is removed, the recording is telephone conversation. Information removed from the phone line. Power is supplied from the telephone line bugs Radio This is the most common type of beetles, representing a microtransmitter operating in VHF or FM radio frequency. Food comes from batteries or AC 220V. The main drawback – it's limited battery life listening device (if powered by battery) due to limited battery. Radiostetoskopy apply in cases where there is no way to get inside. Bugs-radiostetoskopy attached to the walls, window frames, to all sorts of pipes within the investigated area. Radiostetoskopy convert the vibration signal in the acoustic and its subsequent transmission over the air. Remote microphones Directional microphones. When the mouse to aim the microphone, the sound is amplified. Later it You can write and listen. Laser microphones – are removed by laser vibration signal from the glass. To include remote and "radio bullets" while shooting which they are attached to the wall of the subject premises and convey converted to an acoustic signal over the air. More information on this site

Day Employee

This day should remind the office blooming garden. Flowers from the air or helium balloons should be on every woman's desk, and even more original look will be a garden of flowers polutorametrovy height! Each employee will be photographed in an embrace with such a flower. A small bouquet for every woman and girl at the end of the holiday corporate dinner – as selfless corporate pledge of love! Victory Day – the day of great joy. We would be pleased if the company share this joy with us, and we will celebrate this day together. In this festival would be appropriate to design in the corporate colors, garlands on the walls of the balloons in the color of St. George's ribbons. Gold star balloons, stars with patriotic symbols and camouflage ball in the red corner, or just on the table in a meeting room will serve as a symbol of the unity of the universal grief of the victims. Professional holidays are not strictly corporate, but all staff will be pleased that they are valued as professionals if their congratulations to the professional holiday.

Day cooks can figure noted chef of balloons. Day trading employee hang from the ceiling, helium-colored balls with the inscription "Congratulations" and distribute bouquets to the thematic spheres. Teacher's Day, the day of a lawyer, accountant day day manager – all professional holidays can be arranged balls, the main show imagination and smekalku.Den birth employee. Nowadays, the main thing to keep in mind that the team consists of individuals. Every employee is a person with interests, with unique abilities. We We know that leadership is not forgotten, we will make all efforts for the success of the company. On his birthday, we are particularly in need of attention from the team.

Thematic decoration balls in the light of hobbies celebrant will be more than appropriate. Fishing, knitting, travel, artistic or just gay character in all of these topics are balls. Funny clowns, falgirovannye yachts, air kisses, animals from balloons. The main maximum information about the hero for the day and not to limit their fantaziyu.Dizayn studio "Naduvanchik 'happy to help you with this.