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Miniature Golf At The Seniors

Mini golf tournament in the home of care at Mount stock on the 2.9.2010 drove a group of residents from the home of care at Mount stock in Sulz a.N. After lunch to the mini golf course in the District of smooth. There should then in an unofficial tournament the best golfer in the group, determine. The order of play was drawn after a short and then the seniors were no longer be maintained. Failures on the railways were annotated with relevant comments. Other guests on the mini golf course were quickly aware of the senior group and could resist when the expressed Bermkungen hardly laugh. ion. By a fear of contact between young and old was nothing to feel.

On the contrary, the present children, some advice on how to play is a railway gave the seniors. Finally, it was once again exciting. The calculation of single-player stroke counts quickly noted that all participants were close to each other. After a short discussion it was decided then unanimously by the group, that there is not only a Winners were. All golfers were declared to the winner. The motto of this group: “We are indeed old, but still fun” was once again implemented in the Act. Gaby Schmidl,: “I think it over again intriguing with what enthusiasm and fun, our residents take part in the activities.” Dieter Roya