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However, these are only conditionally can be customized. Android, however, is very open, which is why hardware and operating system are not always perfectly matched. That’s why we highly recommend Android only administrators with detailed knowledge of the operating system”, explains Carolin Exner, researcher at the Fraunhofer ESK. Also the dealing with the ecosystem of devices in particular the application stores is a challenge. He calls for a comprehensive awareness of the staff and clear guidelines for the use of”, so Nicole Dufft. Many functions can be controlled by a central administrator. Almost, creating a personal employee accounts at the provider cannot be bypassed. In areas with high security requirements we advise to a rigid prohibition of installation of apps”, adds Carolin Exner.

The report Apple, Google or Microsoft? -Mobile operating systems in the Comparison”was created in cooperation with the Fraunhofer ESK and is published in the framework of the connected enterprise program by PAC/berlecon research. The current report is aimed at business decision makers and ICT managers, who must decide on the use of mobile devices in your company. He compares the operating systems of iOS, Windows phone 7 and Android. Also be considered the most important factors for the procurement and commissioning of mobile devices from the perspective of a company. The Fraunhofer Institute for communication systems ESK to tested selected devices in the laboratory and in everyday life. In particular analysed the engineers, security and Administratability. Based on specific scenarios to get ICT administrators an overview of existing vulnerabilities and protection mechanisms, such as end-device encryption and password protection, as well as concrete recommendations for different usage scenarios and business requirements. More information on the report is available at mobile_betriebssysteme to the Available. About berlecon research, a PAC company berlecon research is a company of Pierre Audoin consultants (PAC) group, a global market analysis and strategy consultancy for software and ICT services.