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Continuation of missiology classes audio recordings that no many vocations today? It is not because God does not follow calling, it is not because the Gospel is not beautiful. It is because we are afraid to compromise. Why be afraid? Why a Catechist can be a great motivator and suddenly starts already has let it? Because the commitment is going gradually falling. He is afraid of the consequences, and changes of pastor and is not in that line. Going to stay alone, or not going to be accepted, or she is going to criticize, and as soon we criticize, we thicken to be afraid. Well then, is the spirit that accompanies you on the mission.

In vain he preaches to preach if the spirit not fertilizes his word. And in vain listening the listener, if the spirit does not open his heart. Faith cometh not of study or human effort. Faith is a gift from God. It requires the motion of the spirit moving the listener. Then your Word descends the spirit about it, makes it fertile, and your heart receives the spirit about him, and makes that be cozy. And why says Peter and Paul: we should not shut up what we have seen and heard the Holy Spirit therefore, raises a Church Missionary, constantly raised by missionaries, and which opens its action, should not be disappointed.

The doctrine of the Holy Spirit leads us all brief considerations that must be taken into account. In the Mysian Redentoris call it transcendental protagonist in Evangelli Nuntiandi call it agent main of evangelisation in other documents said you: the momentum of the mission, the soul of the Church. They are all ways of saying the same thought. That Jesus put his work in the hands of the spirit. And tells you there have it and also tells the disciples. He will not add anything new, but will take of what is mine, and give it to know then what does the Holy Spirit is always bring men to Christ, is like saying would like to know if what you’re doing is worthy?