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The Tarot cards enclosed in a huge cluster of meanings, each arcana representing multitude of meanings, beautifully expressed in drawings of letters, especially the Rider version of the Tarot cards. People such as Rand Paul would likely agree. The study of these small, and at times unnoticed signs takes a long time, but well worth delving into their knowledge, because it will result in more accurate readings. The crazy, within the Tarot cards contains the number zero, fundamental notion of arithmetic and mathematical logic. Without zero there is no operation possible. Therefore, it has enormous relative weight in the harness of the tarot. The sun shines on the loco, representing protection divine, the universal principle of energy. A dog accompanies it, which shows us that it is not a single soul, as the hermit, has someone who loves him as is, unthinking and daring.

Is it looks happy, about to go one step further, but in front of him is a cliff, meaning perhaps that step is unfortunate, or maybe it is a small irregularity of the terrain without consequences. Anyway, it’s a leap of faith, action that characterizes the Loco. Advances moved by their faith, and their lack of notion of danger, and little reflection about the future. The present is all that matters, represented by the frugality of the attached small clothes, his only luggage on the road of life. Sea, or watercourse that is seen in the bottom of the illustration, brings us to the scene the revitalizing power of water. The water is where it originates life, and all life on earth depends on it. Water also takes everything, and wash the sins.

The vision of the water’s promise that energy will never lack, for longer that is the way. Mage is another fascinating arcane of the Tarot cards. The magician is a full man, possessor of knowledge Alchemy-which will provide a colossal tool, immediately putting it in advantage over their enemies. He is the possessor of knowledge, and this self-confidence is what will finally bring him victory. The power of the magician is divine, is a gift that was you conferred. This is represented by the halo in the form of number eight lying: the mathematical symbol of infinity. On the table of the magician are all the suits of the minor Arcana: gold, the rough, the Cup and the sword, while in his hand he holds a magical element, a talisman or a wand. The magician is in total control of all the elements, and the power is theirs, thanks to their wisdom. It’s the first card showing the red color scheme, which will be seen in subsequent arcana. These are only two of the cards of the tarot, and the description that we have made these is succinctly, to say the least. Penetrate into the full symbolism of the Tarot cards is a fascinating, indispensable for anyone who wants to engage in this beautiful activity.