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The Anxiety

It is of utmost importance to point my experience in order to provide to greater credibility to the alleged arguments. I frequented the church catholic many years, an inherited tradition of family, in this context of my history I identify myself as a person intolerante and extremely incapable to disagree with the Christian dogmtica, exactly without understanding I agreed fully, from fear. When entering in the university, fidgets for the fact had exactly appeared not to obtain to exteriorizar the explanation concerning my mundane faith and other questions. I moved away myself from the church and I left to believe an absolute, infallible and perfect God. I returned to frequent the church, but I defend vehement my conceptions, exactly that they are contradictory the religious belief, I search logical and discerning clarifications daily to characterize my faith, if it will not be possible, I do not share of the same one and less still I propagate an absent conception of probatory effect. In such a way I recognize that I do not feel the emptiness that results of the absence of a religion and contributes to rationally filter the rules that me are taxes for the Christian dogmtica, similar of that the church if does not make solid through charlatanism, manipulation and ostentation, respecting the freedom that is inherent and constructing an ethical sense to me, subsidized for the estimated one of the faith. Valley still to say that the biggest happened wealth of this experience was the fruition of values that today I share as the respect, tolerance and rational emancipation. I defend despite it is improbable the retrocession of my current condition for the previous one, therefore, the certainty of legitimacy of my position is not only bigger of what the anxiety to rescue people who are ' ' cegas' ' , that is, disabled to glimpse the true conscientious faith, that one that evolves and if it makes solid with the reason.