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Eurorepair: Downside

The variety of different products on the market of construction materials is difficult to navigate and make the right choice. This article is about safe and healthy building materials. Sometimes, that after returning home to their cozy "nest", a person begins to suffer from headaches, coughing, sneezing, uncomfortable feel. Often the reason for such ailments – environmentally hazardous finishing materials artificial origin. They look stylish and expensive to comply with the standards of fashion nowadays, "European-quality repair, do not require complex care, but it undermines our health. And sometimes they do it discreetly.

Some artificial materials such as fiberboard, chipboard, glass, oil paints and varnishes, various kinds of plastics such as pvc, polyurethane and finishing materials on its basis, and many other isolated the space around a pair consisting of different chemicals: phenol, formaldehyde, toluene, benzene, and the like giving rise to a whole bunch of chronic diseases. Therefore, the construction or repair should be extremely careful with the selection of construction and finishing materials. What materials can be considered environmentally friendly, and what does not? Building materials can be environmentally friendly and can give off harmful substance. For construction and repair is desirable to choose safe products. Most of all, meet the criteria for environmental, natural materials used by man since ancient times. This wood and stone. These construction materials are absolutely safe for human health. And the stone and wood – renewable materials: when used properly, these resources over time, they are fully restored. But for Modern construction of natural materials are suitable, unfortunately, not always because of the significant drawbacks: so, the tree has a low fire and not strong enough.

Calidad Producido

This category is similar to the French Vin de Table, as well as Italian Vino da Tavola. Production of table wines are not regulated by rules other than those of common, which protect the safety and health of consumers. Table Spanish wine can be made by blending different wine, but may be a varietal wine, and one of the vineyard, not included in the classification and even created from berries certain crops. However, in this case, the label table wine of Spain does not indicate any place of production or crop year. * VdlT (Vinos de la Tierra) – local wines. This category is similar to Spanish wines, along with the French Vin de Pays, and Italian Indicazione Geografica Tipica. Local Spanish wines are produced in vast areas, boundaries, and the name have been registered and legally defined. The label of this wine indicates not only the zone production, but also the grape.

In addition, for the sake of vintage wines, consisting of 85% of one crop of berries, probably an indication of the crop year – vendimia or cosecha. * vcprd (Vino de Calidad Producido en Region Determinada) – smallest category of Spanish wines, like French vdsq. This Spanish wines, pending the entry into the elite club of wine do. * do (Denominacion de Origen) – wines with appellation controlled according to the origin. This category of Spanish wines on the similarity of the French aoc and the Italian doc. Currently in Spain there are 67 regions which produce wine names, controlled descent. In each of these acts Consejo Regulador (council), which controls established for the region's rules grape growing, wine production and paying heed to the accuracy of information on the bottle label.

Economy, seeking for its wines category do, are obliged to provide samples of the Council for and tastings. The fact that the wine fits this category, demonstrates the Council stamp on its label. * doc (Denominacion de Origen Calificada) – this is the highest level category of do, a similar Italian docg. doc category was introduced in 1991 and is growing very slowly. The first region in which appeared wines doc, a Rioja, further acceded to the Priory (2003), and later the Ribera del Duero (2008). Category assigned to doc production wine regions with a long history of confirmed registration high quality wines. In order to select Spanish wine, in addition to the category to take into account its exposure. Exposure of Spanish wines is indicated as follows. Joven (or sin crianza) – a young Spanish wine beverage not subject to aging in oak barrels. Crianza – is either red (tinto) Spanish wine, aged 2 years, including 6 months in oak barrels, or white (blanco) or pink (rosado), aged 1 year, including 6 months in oak barrels. Reserva – Red Spanish wine, aged 3 years, including at least one year in oak barrels, or white and red Spanish wine, aged more than 2 years, including 6 months of them in oak barrels. Gran Reserva – Spanish red wine, aged 5 years, including chisle3 years in oak barrels, or white and rose wine, aged 4 years, including 6-months in oak barrels. Now you know the difference between a good wine from bad!

The Choice Of Material For The Construction Of A Cottage

The inhabitants of towns, tired of the bustle, noise, cars, dust and nervousness streets, crowds of people want to buy a cottage. Indeed, many want to live in the city, among the blooming flowers and the rustling canopy of spreading trees, enjoying the chirping of birds and nezagazovannym air. And if you close to home – a crystal clear pond, then to have nothing more to dream! But, unfortunately, get klyucheg not everyone is on the pocket. Therefore, people often acquire land outside the city limits, on and start building. Some build their own, while others-are turning to contractors.

Cottage, usually built taking into account the fact that he will operated year-round for many years. Therefore, you must first select the location on the site. Once the development plan is ready, is to decide from which to build a house. The optimal material for erection of a house is, of course, wood. It is well to retain heat in winter and in summer – cool. In addition, it is – a modern and environmentally friendly material. Most often to build houses in Russia has long used a pine tree.

and it is now widely used for construction of houses. This is understandable – Pine is a fairly durable material, it is dense and resistant to cracking. In addition, building materials made of pine wood is almost dry out, rot. Pine is resistant to wear, chopping, easy and . It was a pine optimal price / quality ratio. Comparing the building materials made of pine and cedar, it should be noted that the cedar, although slightly more resistant to cracking and rotting. Larch is also about a third more durable, and the oak is more resistant to abrasion. But do not forget that the pine stands less of these rocks. Currently, common home of larches. This tree has a number of useful features for building. In the first place, built of larch durable, resistant and durable. Houses do not darken in the sun. In addition, the larch is a fire-resistant building material and practically is not subject to rotting due to its aseptic properties. Larch has a beneficial effect on health – highlights volatile, prevents colds diseases. In the houses of larch advised to live pensioners, children and persons suffering from bronchial asthma. Construction of a cottage with cedar be much more expensive, but worth it. Cedar is one of the best materials for construction. In addition, the wood of this tree is well protected from the heat, it still highlights a delicate aroma, disinfect the air in the house. Scientists have proven that the air in the homes of cedar is practically sterile. Thus, Today once again revived interest in the construction of houses made of wood. Tree – a living material. It continues to breathe even in the wooden house, exuding the aroma of tar and vitality. What kind of tree you choose to building a house – you decide.

The Construction

Needless to say, that people are constantly in the room with plastic windows, also suffer from lack of humidity? Humidifiers save the situation, but only partially. The second obvious flaw – an artificial origin of the material of windows. No matter how much nearer to the perfection of modern technology and materials that allow you to create plastics, not affecting people's health, its artificial nature remains doubtful. When heated okonluchami sun some amount of chemicals released into the air, and how they affect people's health can only guess. But the logic of things – not the best way. The third problem with plastic windows is impossible to eliminate the mechanical damage.

Simply put, the plastic can not be repaired. And if the glass replacing it is quite possible, then the random scratches and marks of blows on the frames will remain on them until the next replacement windows. Particularly noticeable such damage on plain light surfaces. Well, with this we can only accept. Topics who prefer natural materials, you should opt for the windows of timber. Used in the construction and decoration, it has remained unsurpassed for many centuries. It harmonizes with stone, brick, perfectly looks with any trim both natural and artificial materials. Modern building market offers Russian customers are two main types of wooden windows: joinery and euro windows.

Carpentry significantly easier and cheaper European windows. In fact, it is the same wood windows that were installed in homes before, only more sophisticated. End milling design allows for easy opening and closing casement windows and air vents – each independently.

How To Pump Up The News At Home

Perform the following exercises and you can pump up the beautiful and strong press home: 1. Corner – hang on the bar, slowly lift straight leg, creating a right angle to the torso (90 grams). Hold this position for a couple of seconds and slowly return to starting position. Repeat whenever possible. Something wrong? Then start with a simple exercise 2. Starting position formerly, begins to raise his bent legs, pressing them to abdomen to the chest and back to its original position.

When this exercise becomes easy for you – go to a corner. 3. Starting position – lying on a hard surface (eg parquet), legs bent, arms folded behind his head to 'lock' lift the body to the knees and lower back. Start with 20-30 repetitions. Also try lifting touch left elbow right knee and right elbow, respectively, the left knee. This will allow you to develop your abdominal muscles stronger and more-attractive appearance.

4. Starting position – lying down, legs straight, hands behind his head. At the same time begin to lift and move towards each other head and knees, return to starting position. 5. Original former position, lift your bent leg over the body and mimic cycling, the closer to the floor you lower legs, the more effect you can achieve. Inflate the press at home is not as difficult as it seems. The main thing is not to lose motivation and continue to do the exercises! Successful you workout!

Upper Muscles

This helps the muscles of the lumbar spine is stronger hold, increases the resistance of the body and gives strength. Throughout the whole exercise elbows should be directed strictly to the side. Remember, the closer the elbows to the sides of the torso, the more load is shifted onto the shoulders. To achieve the maximum reduction in the upper part of chest muscles and triceps, at the upper arms should be fully extended (but not to lock elbows). The grip should not be too broad. So you reduce the amplitude of movement and risk to overload the chest muscles. At the lowest point does not push (not ) barbell chest, arching up all over. Throughout the entire set click and lower the bar at a moderate pace.

Do not use excessively heavy barbell. A vital role to play properly technique, and only then the weight of the load. Throughout the entire set for a second did not relax the abs and lower back muscles. The stronger they are stretched, the more stable position of the torso and easier to harvest stem. Pause, stop at the lowest point complicates exercise, since then additional efforts are needed to move the rod with a stopped "dead spots".

Put down and hit the bar at a moderate pace. The slow pace may cause excessive strain on joints and prevents the control of the correct form of movement. If the bench is set below 30 degrees to the horizontal, the focus is directed to load the middle and lower chest muscles.

Sports Bags

Indispensable attribute of an athlete – a bag. Sports bags needed to transport all the necessary ammunition and projectiles (if necessary). Their release to date by specialized factories of leading brands. For each sport, in connection with various functions, uses a different kind of sports bags. For tennis players need to transfer the bag of tennis rackets, connected with this unique form of sports bags for tennis players, for players and players characterized by the use of large bulk bags, since athletes need to carry ammo, which takes a lot of space. Hockey – it's skates and guards for football players – complete sports uniform, which consists of many elements. For other sports, do not use shells, is characterized by the use of less bulk bags, handbags, backpacks (sports and rhythmic gymnastics). Besides the use of professional athletes, sports bags and found active application in everyday life.

They are widely used by people who travel a lot, which actively involved in sports. Sports bags must be distinguished increased strength. Therefore, for the manufacture of the fabric of high strength, waterproof. Also, sports bag to be functional: many pockets (both external and internal), comfortable handles to carry, simple mechanism for fastening pockets and bags. It is impossible not to note the fact that there is a fashion in sports bags, and she is committed to general trends. Women's sports bags differ elegance, compactness and sufficient capacity. They can be of different style, different shapes (tube, square, oval rectangle) and a variety of colors. Today's manufacturers of sports bags provide a wide variety of goods. Everyone can pick out something that most will come to him: a bag for recreation, sports bag, bag for travel, etc.

Bodybuilder Calcium

Calcium is usually given to children to accelerate growth. Meanwhile, the calcium – it is a rare mineral, which must be taken for life. Lack of calcium at risk of many diseases, but also it reduces the efficiency of power training. If you are already a long time does not add weight, possibly this is just wrong calcium deficiency. Do you have enough calcium? Calcium – an essential mineral of bone. Sometimes, the body develops a lack of calcium. This condition is called osteoporosis and qualify as a disease. Lack of calcium makes bones brittle.

Sometimes so that they can not withstand the weight of the body and break down. Among the hard-nosed bodybuilders disease is rare, as weight training stimulates the natural secretion of growth hormone and testosterone. But these hormones are compacted bone. The specific content of calcium in the bones of bodybuilding much more than mere mortals. What For other men, they account for approximately 30% of all cases of osteoporosis. The remaining cases – are women. A high incidence of women is still not fully explained by medical science.

Believe that the blame age-related hormonal changes in female body. However, this view is not entirely consistent with the practice: among the cases, there are very young women up to 25 let.Chto As for men, and are associated with osteoporosis age reduction in hormone secretion. However, in recent years, osteoporosis is much younger, and the risk appeared 40-year-old man. Fat Burning That’s right. New research shows that calcium is important for fat burning. Adults who take 1000 mg of calcium per day, have a significantly higher rate of fat burning. These data are consonant with other studies: it turns out, women who consume a large amount of dairy products with reduced fat, lose body fat much faster. Calcium and Your Health: What do research scientists have discovered many new aspects in the action of this amazing mineral in the human body. Science is only beginning to comprehend the true significance of calcium. Preventing Cancer Calcium intake may be of great help in preventing various forms of cancer. Men who take 1200 mg of calcium per day, have less chance of prostate cancer. Taking 700 mg of calcium per day, you reduce the risk of cancer of the colon and rectum. It is believed that calcium has the ability to ‘link’ in intestinal carcinogens, and those are ejected without causing any harm to the tissues.

Trainer Elliptical

Sport can, but not bad for the joints have the beneficial effects of sport has long been known. However, can many of which sport would do really good deal not intensively, because their joints would not withstand the stress of sports. What opportunities arise for these persons, however, benefit from the positive effects of sports to come, must without fear of negative impact on your joints on the other side? The negative impact on joints causes mainly due to two causes. For one, you can have a pre-existing injury of one or more joints which would only be enhanced by additional load. This is the case, for example, with congenital deformities or old injuries. On the other hand it may cause but sports also overloading of joints. This is especially the case if carried out exercises on a wider scale, or severely overweight.

Just severely overweight is one of the skin reasons why people want to start anything with sports often. For these people, it is often surprising that strong calorie burning should not be possible. Because many traditional sports such as football, tennis or running put extreme stress on the joints. But two sports are available, in which the loads to a minimum can be reduced. Cross Trainer Elliptical, also called a cross trainer is not picking up the legs in contrast to running or jogging from the ground. This leads to any restarting of the feet on the ground, and thus any transfer of strong impact forces on the joints in the legs and above all in the hips. Nevertheless, adjust but the Cross Trainer a powerful brake resistor, which ensures that you can burn a considerable value in calories within a short period of time.

Of course the joints in the leg and hip during a training session on the elliptical by move well, but the dangerous Impact forces remain sidelined and does not negatively affect the stability of joints. But in addition to the Cross Trainer, there is another form of joint-gentle motion. Swimming, but also water aerobics, swim are an excellent way to train the body almost weightless conditions. The displacement of the body volume in the water extremely reduces the load of joints. However, it is possible to consume very quickly, very many calories in the water. This is because that water opposes an enormous resistance to the movements of the limbs as opposed to air. Thus two birds can be in training in the water with a lid do: it has both low strain on the joints, can work out but at the same time with high resistance.

Active Sports Park Moers

Spectacular indoor cycling with AHA effect without even a foot in front of the door set to, you can be in the active sports park Moers now embark on a virtual tour through rugged canyons or mountains. It is now possible to own of desert trips or relaxed cycling along a coastal road. With this new offer we want to enhance our attractiveness”, says Managing Director Rigo Thiel. “Together with the virtual experience and the guidance of our instructor, we provide with MyRide” indoor cycling in a totally new dimension. ” For several years, Erika Schneider suffers of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). “In the last year I have here at active-sports park Moers started with indoor cycling”, told the 59 year old housewife. And Lo and behold: I can breathe better. But can I with cycle still not the tour de France, but a ride through the foothills of the Bavarian is always in there.” Also Anja Vogt is great fun.

It’s only with the normal indoor cycling Music as acoustic charm”, said the teacher. Now, in addition to fascinating landscapes on the big screen flicker. Together, we can now discover the world without leaving the classroom. “Right now in the upcoming cold, wet season a great alternative.” Now the active sports park offers Moers in addition to unit fitness on nearly seventy additional courses, all of which are included in the membership fees. “” In addition to the classics there like Yoga, or abdominal workout immediately kettlebell”, kick fit”and Tae Bo”.

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