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Bodybuilder Calcium

Calcium is usually given to children to accelerate growth. Meanwhile, the calcium – it is a rare mineral, which must be taken for life. Lack of calcium at risk of many diseases, but also it reduces the efficiency of power training. If you are already a long time does not add weight, possibly this is just wrong calcium deficiency. Do you have enough calcium? Calcium – an essential mineral of bone. Sometimes, the body develops a lack of calcium. This condition is called osteoporosis and qualify as a disease. Lack of calcium makes bones brittle.

Sometimes so that they can not withstand the weight of the body and break down. Among the hard-nosed bodybuilders disease is rare, as weight training stimulates the natural secretion of growth hormone and testosterone. But these hormones are compacted bone. The specific content of calcium in the bones of bodybuilding much more than mere mortals. What For other men, they account for approximately 30% of all cases of osteoporosis. The remaining cases – are women. A high incidence of women is still not fully explained by medical science.

Believe that the blame age-related hormonal changes in female body. However, this view is not entirely consistent with the practice: among the cases, there are very young women up to 25 let.Chto As for men, and are associated with osteoporosis age reduction in hormone secretion. However, in recent years, osteoporosis is much younger, and the risk appeared 40-year-old man. Fat Burning That’s right. New research shows that calcium is important for fat burning. Adults who take 1000 mg of calcium per day, have a significantly higher rate of fat burning. These data are consonant with other studies: it turns out, women who consume a large amount of dairy products with reduced fat, lose body fat much faster. Calcium and Your Health: What do research scientists have discovered many new aspects in the action of this amazing mineral in the human body. Science is only beginning to comprehend the true significance of calcium. Preventing Cancer Calcium intake may be of great help in preventing various forms of cancer. Men who take 1200 mg of calcium per day, have less chance of prostate cancer. Taking 700 mg of calcium per day, you reduce the risk of cancer of the colon and rectum. It is believed that calcium has the ability to ‘link’ in intestinal carcinogens, and those are ejected without causing any harm to the tissues.

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