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Change Management Coaching

Consulting Dr. Kraus & partner coaches and advises managers of change projects in medium-sized companies in fulfilling their responsibilities of change. Change leader coaching”is the name of a new range of services, developed by the consultancy of Dr. Kraus & partner, Bruchsal. It aims to help mainly medium-sized companies that do not have their own personnel and organizational development department, to make change processes, which include also a cultural change, successfully. Developed the new consulting and coaching according to Dr. Kraus & partner – Managing Director Stefan soon, who heads also change management Institute of management consultancy, based on the following experience: medium-sized companies are often just the dilemma that they must perform a structural and cultural change, but internally experts lack, who have experience with the planning, initiating and managing such processes. At the same time the financial resources they lack, largely to this task an external Consultancy to transfer.

“So receives the order such as the human resources manager or the head of a Department: you make the time.” Those responsible then most soon realize: the project is more difficult than anticipated by management and me. For example, because the desired change also requires that work areas differently. Or because you register: the planned changes encounter staff skepticism, because of the planned change of them requires a change in behavior. Then the project leaders are often at a loss: what must it do? Exactly such situations should through the change leader coaching”be avoided. At him a K & P consultants meets first with the or the project manager, among other things to analyze: what challenges does the project the Organization? Who is affected by this? And: with what difficulties could make adult problems we face? If necessary, he gives the leaders in a crash course of kind of necessary also that change management expertise. Is important the K & P consultants, to include conducting business as much as possible, so that project managers in everyday life receive the required support.