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New Auction Site

His & hers get men and women independent online auction sites are becoming increasingly popular at their own expense. Dedicated and resourceful site operators support this trend through the continuous development of new and interesting auction models, such as for example experience – or penny auctions. The couple of MAREN and Daniel Thater did just that. On June 15, 2010 launch the two, the first German experience auction site dedicated to not only top current lifestyle products, but users have fun on the participation, but also security and integrity will grant. His & hers auctions start therefore at 0.00 and increase per bid only by 0.01. There is also a cash-back system.

The bidder, which has not won Gets a certain number of bids again credited with on his account. Also, customers have the opportunity again to return purchased items within four weeks. You can buy an article, if it has previously won the auction. Bid packages are excluded. What are the differences between a normal auction and an experience auction? Experience auctions and Penny auctions, as they are often called, allow participants to purchase bids for a few cents. It aims to make a single bid, which is the lowest – the person who creates it in the allotted time, wins the auction and gets the desired product for the auction price.

Initially primarily by companies or authorities for the procurement of goods and services used, massive benefits for consumers have of auctions but also this kind. So there on experience auction sites to snag another really good bargains. This although there on regular auction sites also, however, professional bargain hunters present the bid of really cheap products for normal consumers who just want to own the product. Guerilla campaign for the launch in Berlin plastic coins are dealt on the launch day, with which consumers two free bids can secure themselves online.

Web Designer

3D animations in your Web design layout is now completely without 3D many Flash and Swish designer would go only too happy with the trend, but further developed towards the integration of 3D animations in your Web page layout. But a great discomfort comes up when it is noted that as a 3D animation not just from the sleeve can be shaken. The programs to create 3D animations are very expensive and very lengthy. We must deal so extensively with them, in order to achieve an enigermassen acceptable result. Here, resigned to most Web designers and stick to the usual vector graphics, which are now more or less a 3D environment allows you to sugerrieren. The touch of fear is unfounded, because very important factors and old practices have a large skills such as Flash and Swish in cooperation with animated design elements of whatsoever. The cunning Flash or Swish designer today relies on raw elements.

Self-contained finished animations are, whether 3D scenes or just movies, is beside the point here. Old functions of these mentioned authoring environments allow the Web Designer satisfy the high demands of its customers. You can import, for example, a whole animated 3D scene as movie and cleverly exploit to build an entire Web site structure. The herangegensweise is of great importance. The import capabilities of Flash and Swish give us a maximum scalability in the quality, speed and volume of data. The trick when the thing is that as an animieres 3-d element first in a “Container” is loaded, i.e. in an explicit movieclip. That happened once, so has the designer’s full take on this 3-d element and can it at will after even interactively by the user control.

Each Called Personally

Their uniqueness in a place secured to make one could get the idea of portals, the death will remaindered. Photos or videos show the deceased in happier days, but you can not learn what made him unique. will highlight the uniqueness of every human being. Not just so that follows a personal phone call after every logon, also the design of the tribute formally invites. Imagine, an entrepreneur leaves the way as he has built his empire. Check out Sharon McNally for additional information.

Imagine, an artist leaves his thoughts that have made him famous. Infinite, this list could be continued by the uniqueness of each human. The founder, Reinhard Schopf, pushing the idea, together with the German funeral institutes to create a channel to become a melting pot for all obituaries. Undertaker can offer from outset memorials this as part of their own arrangements. Such collected obituaries for descendants and heirs would the technical way to a Open native system for a death-what to do “. More and more virtual cemeteries can be found on the World Wide Web.

Used especially in such cases, “where death makes very affected” – for example, in dead children, amok runs or natural disasters with many deaths. Even an iPhone app is offered to use monuments to deceased friends, pets, family members or even celebrities. Long ER live will release a mobile version of the portal in the next few months. Immortality thus can not comply with the request, but we can back up memories of people and make memorable moments.

Jorg Majed

A three-dimensional, animated character such as the Univadoc, is a real eye-catcher”, said Dr. Carl. Details can be found by clicking Cincinnati Reds or emailing the administrator. He has a high recognition value and integrates wonderfully into marketing campaigns. He invites him to include multimedia and interactive media. As a plastic figure it is suitable also as levy article.” The users of the site decides whether he wants to see the animated guided tour. The tour can be easily subdivided into several sections, so that the user can at any time decide what part he would like to see. Also, the animations can be at any time to pause, rewind, or stop.

A good tutorial so creates genuine added value for users and operators of an Internet portal and helps to score points in the battle for market share. Company profile Dr. Carl GmbH – the medical people that Dr. Carl GmbH is a specialist for medical communication using electronic media. We combine medical expertise with extraordinary ideas to products of knowledge, information and training. So, we ensure that our customers successfully interact with doctors, medical professionals and patients. Medical scientific content we generate independently and make them exciting and easy to understand.

The contents are catchy presented through interactive and multimedia software. Our portfolio includes software for the Internet-based product communications and event interaction, training, eLearning and case-based learning. These include microsites, eDetails, CME certified training modules, media training, finding database, quiz-to-go, BefundSpin, etc. Our services include literature, medical writing, visualization with graphics, animation and video, as well as the realization of software and database solutions. Since 1994, Dr. Carl GmbH has realized over 600 projects for pharmaceutical and medical device companies. How to contact with Dr. Carl GmbH – the medical people Jorg Majed by Pistorius-str. 6a 70188 Stuttgart phone: 0711/222904-0 fax: 0711/222904-99 – The Slightly Different Dating On The Net!

Salzburg’s most recent dating conquered Austria Marlene rood screen and Karin Reiter, two young dynamic citizens, have realized their dream of own personals. The trendy platform went online three months ago and has made a phenomenal start in Salzburg, around 1,200 users already enjoy at the new page. Although many couples on have found, is the single market not only for people who crave the soul mate for life, says Lam. Also all those who are looking for like-minded people to their leisure can register themselves. The offer is constantly around Soon, the users have the possibility to common hiking and canyoning tours or get to participate in a few meters in the climbing park to come closer. In the autumn, a weekend trip is planned, where the participating olees personally can meet and athletic active but also cosy hours can spend together.

Also our monthly get-together is particularly good by the Brett users suppose reports rood screen. This takes place once a month in a Salzburg public house and should be traded continues to “Secret”. Numerous functions for the user be provided in the coming weeks, which make getting to know and flirting even funnier, says Reiter. Salzburg, will conquer all Lander in the storm! is 100% owned by the rood screen & rider communication agency GesbR. Founded: November 2007 seat: Bundesstrasse 3, 5071 Wals – Himmelreich partner: Marlene rood screen and Karin rider

Michael Schumacher

Michael shoe’s car online auction platform Tamundo will be auctioned auctioned on Tamundo Michael Schumacher’s old Mercedes station wagon to the starting price of 1 euro Berlin, July 30, 2009 due to the largest comeback in the history of formula 1, can you bid for a piece of this fame now on the online auction platform Tamundo. The Mercedes E-class is offered at a starting price of 1 euro, whose Erstbesitzer was formula 1 Champion Michael Schumacher. The Mercedes 320 TE (type W 124) was from 1992 to 1993 produced and considered sporty lifestyle-suits for the upper middle class. Michael Schumacher is the most successful rider in the history of formula 1 and holds almost all records in this race series. In addition to 7 titles, he won 91 races in the highest class of motor sport, was 68 times the best place, and drove the fastest lap in 76 races.

After retiring in 2006 as a professional racer, he dabbled 2008 among other things as an amateur in cycling (IDM). After the serious accident of his former team-mate Felipe mass, announced on July 29, 2009 Schumacher now on his comeback in formula 1. Schumi is planning on August 23 in Valencia for Ferrari at the start to go. Schumis Mercedes was in the color Blauschwarzmetallic (199 G) on the 07.12.1992 for the first time on the Michael Schumacher Motorsport GmbH”approved and driven by Michael Schumacher himself. The car has a root wood trim, heated front seats, anti-theft system and automatic climate control.

Additional extras such as black leather, 5-speed automatic and Sportline chassis Sportline seats make the driver feeling perfect. Total Schumis sports Combi is located in a well-maintained condition. The car was restored by a Mercedes lover from Berlin, who now wants to auction his piece de resistance on an another admirer of Mercedes or a Michael Shoemaker fan. For more information and print material see: auction triumph tr6 built… Tamundo is a market place & community for special things. These include rare and unique collectibles. Anonymous mass and new goods must, however, “remain outside”. This is Tamundo Meeting place for people with a passion for special. Here you can discover things, bid, Act and interact.

Redcoon Opens New Shop In Danish Language Under

Super cheap opening offers in all redcoon shops opening Aschaffenburg / Copenhagen, November 09, 2009. redcoon continues to grow. Now customers in Denmark by find the bargain redcoon offers in the Danish language. redcoon is one of the largest online specialist discounter for consumer electronics, white goods, computers, photo- and sports requisites in Germany and Europe. At the start of redcoon in Denmark, there are fabulous opening offers in all redcoon shops. The specialist discounter opened its ninth online shop with Thus the company now offers its products at rock bottom prices in the following countries: Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Italy and Denmark.

Already one of the largest online retailers for consumer electronics in Europe\”redcoon, redcoon CEO Reiner Heckel explains. We will expand also will continue this position.\” Maria van \”Baast, redcoon country Manager Denmark: our goal is to make one of the top 3 electronic mailers in Denmark in the next three years.\” Danish consumers are already very familiar with the use of the Internet, and in particular with online shopping: online shopping 47 per cent of the local population. Thus Denmark 2nd place in Europe only in the United Kingdom is the ratio of online shoppers with 50 percent higher. The much-quoted economic crisis can have apparently nothing of readiness for the Danes to the shopping on the Web. The price level in Denmark is very high. More local consumers with the launch of on the sharpest prices for consumer electronics, computers and other electronics can look forward\”, so Reiner Heckel.

Customer satisfaction is confirmed with around four million visitors in the month redcoon is one of the largest online specialty shipper for consumer electronics in Germany and Europe. And rising. So the company average WINS every day approximately 2,000 new customers. The success of the company is based on four key elements\”, explains redcoon Chief Reiner Heckel.

Internet Agency

Now, the Web shop of FinisherPix in a completely revised version presents itself. FinisherPix is a globally active, innovative and fast growing company in the field of sports event photography. Among other things, FinisherPix of exclusive partner for all Ironman events is worldwide. The relaunch was designed and technically implemented by the mp group GmbH in Hanau. Modern, lighter and clearer. That presents itself immediately the comprehensively revised shop presence of FinisherPix. Get the Internet specialists of mp group GmbH in Hanau, Germany have the supplement for conception, redesign, technical realization and operation of the shop.

As a full service Internet Agency with experience of project the Hanau could get involved with in all phases of the relaunch: the target group analysis, developing the wireframes and the concept of usability, design, full technical implementation to the launch. TYPO3 and Magento symbiosis in the choice of the technical platform, it was decided for a combination of license free Open-source software Magento and TYPO3. Magento is one of the leading shop systems and also provides the necessary flexibility in addition to the wide range of functions for this ambitious project. TYPO3 is a widely used content management system, so content management system in the classical sense. Also great flexibility, TYPO3 could be combined with Magento.

So, the benefits of a powerful shop – and content management systems were used. Sports photography is successfully active for many years in the field of sports event photography on a different level FinisherPix. The participants of sporting events can already after the event see their personal photos on the portal 24 h and order. This the participants simply selects the particular event and enters his name or his start number. In contrast to a traditional shop, each photo corresponds to a new product. And per event up to 150,000 photos must be provided. So it was a challenge, the large number of products (= photos) with all product options in seven Languages and 14 currencies without major delays. And all with access from the part of the hundreds of visitors of the shops at the same time. Complex technology, achieving perfectly implemented this was necessary not only a smart information architecture and programming. Also the server and databases had to be optimally adapted to this special system. A major advantage was that she mp group in addition to own, powerful servers also has appropriate server and database specialists, which have further optimized the system during load tests. Another important requirement of this project was the Web-based management of downstream processes: production and delivery of orders as a download file, production monitoring, as well as other important administrative functions. This has mp group on the basis of TYPO3 / ExtBase and ExtJS (a JavScript framework) developed a user-friendly and easy-to-use Web application that can be used worldwide and regardless of location. Further stages of the Web shop are planned or already underway.