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Tomsk Medical Institute

Cyanosis blue (azure). Cyanosis blue-unique medicinal plant. I grow it in their stead for many years. First, the healing power of this amazing plant have experienced in my family, and then and many friends by correspondence. Its roots contain a resinous substances, organic acids, essential and fatty oils, saponins and unknown substances that have beneficial effects on the nervous system. Her sedative effect is 8-10 times stronger than the well-known and widespread valerian. At the same time calming effect cyanosis has nothing to do with the deafening depersonalizing effect of tranquillizers (elenium, phenazepam), antihistamines (diphenhydramine, pipolfen), barbiturates. In folk medicine, infusion of roots of cyanosis blue with success at strong unbearable headaches, and various noises in the head, mental and nervous diseases, with sensation of a lump in my throat, unreasonable fears, insomnia, gastric and duodenal ulcers, acute and especially chronic bronchitis, asthma, pulmonary tuberculosis, and even epilepsy.

Expectorant action cyanosis seen in the first few days after starting treatment. In our country, cyanosis is not widely disseminated, this is due to deficiency of medicinal raw materials. In wild form, it is very rare and in small quantities. It can be grown in culture, but it is very hard to do. Cyanosis undemanding plant, the complexity of the process of harvesting its lekarsvennogo raw material – it is very time-consuming task. Basically grown in Russia cyanosis shipped to Western countries for hard currency, where it was a good demand. And it is not surprising, because it can prevent cardiovascular disease.

Now in developed countries, these diseases account for almost half of all deaths. Dominant position among the risk factors for cardiovascular disease belongs to the cholesterol. Excess cholesterol is deposited in the walls of blood vessels and forms a protruding gap in their education, called 'atherosclerotic plaque'. Gradually increasing, plaques in the early specialize, and then can and does clog the lumen of the affected blood vessel. In addition, the location of the plaques often form blood clots. Blood flow stops, and at the site of infarction or brain blood vessels that supply blood to these, there are a heart attack or stroke. Root cyanosis blue contains a large number of saponins, it has a hypocholesterolemic effect, significantly retard the development of cholesterol atherosclerosis, lower cholesterol, reduce the deposition of Lepidus (Fats) in the skin, the cornea, sclera, aorta and liver. Scientific medicine drew attention to cyanosis blue recently. For the first time the value of the plant noticed mn Varlakov and ey Chassis (1941g.), which explored flora of the Eastern Sayan. They established a sedative, expectorant, hemostatic effect of rhizomes and roots of this plant. Clinical trial conducted at the Tomsk Medical Institute in 1942-1944, was found that the expectorant effect of cyanosis is stronger than that of imported Senegal. Pharmacological studies have shown that its soothing properties are many times stronger compared with the same properties of valerian, Leonurus and mint. In diseases of the nervous system cyanosis is an indispensable remedy! Used for the treatment of infusion cyanosis: 6 oz. roots insist on 200 ml. vodka in a cool dark place, shaking occasionally, take 5 drops three times a day. The course of treatment per month, and then make a break for a month. If necessary, treatment is repeated periodically. Tincture normalizes blood pressure, improves cerebral blood flow, reduces cholesterol in the blood, eliminates the noise in my head and headaches, relieves stress, increases efficiency, improves memory, has a calming and boleutolyayushee real

Panic Attacks

“” Wingwave coaching short-term panic attacks resolve In the last article of panic attacks a lifelong destiny? “we have represented, announces itself as a panic attack and then often supported” by the fear of the fear builds and runs. What happens precisely when this attack is most unclear: actually the imagination is self-employed in the inner experience of the persons concerned. She put those in a film in a completely different situation, so that he (“or them I remain of course, J – only readability at the he”) sweat horrible sensations must endure internally, mind you. Externally, so in real life, he is perhaps in the subway or sitting at home at dinner. This experience is only possible, if an inner part of personality can take over the direction for the entire current experience and can completely decouple this from all other perceptions. Sanning, there is no Reality check”more instead. And since people already know this, they experience the powerlessness of their remaining systems, to share this with his imagination in the barriers even more. The more often that happens – and unedited remains more autonomous this proportion can act.

Many people restrict that’s why more and more their lives until they no longer go in larger crowds because they have experienced a panic attack there, then it will bring up the attack also in smaller shops so they avoid it and so on. At some point, the restrictions prevent then to participate in everyday life. And then, many sufferers seek help. Ever more real help comes, so those affected with a coach or therapist work, actually working on the percentage responsible for the panic attack and his fantastic ideas and resolves them, or integrated, faster improvement is carried out and the persons concerned are the less faster again “Mr /-in in their own house”. The Wingwave method is such a suitable coaching Process that quickly and easily allows you to success. EFO-Institut Frankfurt – Sandra Willis – Willibrachtstr. 14 60431 Frankfurt am Main Tel: 069 95297828 or 0171 1110888