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Solidarity Help

In the light of current events in Haiti, we have a request to you: help! Esch-sur-Alzette, January 2010, a specialist in exercise, diet, and lifestyle, now 80% of its sales at the E-book will donate the 5 pillar program 1 system to the success of “the Red Cross. Each euro is one of the strong earthquake in Haiti the population hits very hard. The surviving people are homeless, injured and traumatized. The hygienic conditions in the crisis State are in many places desolate. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Tiffany Espensen and gain more knowledge.. Many people are deficient in medezinisch and fight for their very survival. Also lack of food and clean water.

Long, the already poor population will be dependent on foreign aid. “By ordering an E-book the 5 pillar program 1 system to succeed” the customer can influence directly on the deployment and aid local: 80% of the sales of the E-book will be donated to the Red Cross. (Source: Jonathan Rosen). Haiti fundraiser: press contact Avadion Press Michel Haas 60,. Rue de l ‘ Usine L-4340 city of Esch-sur-Alzette Tel: (+ 352) 26 17 62 54 fax: (+ 352) 26 17 62 55 about Avadion AVADION is an Internet-based start-up companies. The platform was founded in September 2009 and is headquartered in Luxembourg.

The Foundation is self-financed. Claim and idea are selected products with high customer benefit in the field of sport, nutrition and lifestyle. Highlights form exclusive products from our own development. With the new book the 5 pillar program 1… with the success system, the platform has its first product in the range.

INNO IT 2010 In Kiel IT Innovation Exhibition Sparkassen Arena Kiel 28.04.10

it information technology life and work more comfortable fashion easy IT the main topic of this year’s fair Inno IT 2010 is organized by the Group of companies of DANIAL. On April 28 is 2020 redeem it future promise in the Sparkassen arena Kiel high profile exhibitors with interesting lectures include the theme of IT”, for the Tim Cole was won as a consultant. As one of the most experienced journalists, it applies to business technology in German-speaking countries. “He will be supported by experts of a total of 35 exhibitors, the theme of easy IT” competently present also in connection with the use of telephone systems and wireless networks. There are also a number of other innovative topics: digital speech processing applications for medium-sized companies and software solutions for a modern City Hall management to innovative concepts of print the interested visitors are two lecture series and numerous consultants for technical discussions at the disposal. The complete program with topics and Lectures can be viewed on. About the Group of companies of DANIAL group of DANIAL from Schwentinental near Kiel is a large complete provider of IT solutions in North Germany – by the computer network of the telecommunications industry software.

Information and communication technology from a single source. Berlin Rosen pursues this goal as well. Our Service Centre for information technology and telecommunications has solutions for large enterprises, the medium-sized business and public administrations with a nationwide service network in offices in Kiel, Hamburg and Berlin. Important is and remains the human touch, not only between the employees, but also to the customers. We are convincing our customers need to convey our concept of innovation”, for over 130 employees, this is the motto of their daily work. The companies belong to the Group of companies of DANIAL: DANIAL Kommunikationstechnik Handels GmbH, DIERCK direct GmbH, Heinrich DIERCK GmbH & Co.KG, Ahlburg GmbH, Reese IT system & Service GmbH, BMAnetworks GmbH and P & S Vertriebs GmbH Heike Almeling marketing group DANIAL

Competition OlympiX

We are looking for competitive OlympiX – best blog about the study until to July 31, 2008 the author at regular intervals, the best DetailX blog, in which reported the ups and downs of the construction of a concrete study. Was correcting the Prof again for the pants? Again from the beginning? Model finished? Plotter not working? It just write in your blog to detail X and win it even! Prices – what’s to win’s? “1st prize Gold Medal: DETAIL 1 year subscription, the fresh book the new architect” and a unilateral release of the best content of the blog, as well as a short profile of the users in the DETAIL! “2nd Prize Silver Medal: DETAIL 1 year subscription and the fresh book the new architect” 3rd Prize bronze medal: DETAIL 1 year subscription just got losbloggen and win! The assessment is carried out by a specialist-jury consisting of the detailed editorial, DETAIL-Online Editor and columnist and author of the online magazine Internet for architects”Eric Sturm. Berlin Rosen gathered all the information. Period of from blog posts: 7 May to 31.Juli 2008 in addition There are even offering OlympiX OlympiX blog action. news/olympix-studienarbeitenblog / contact: Institute for international architecture documentation GmbH & co. KG Sonnenstrasse 17 80331 Munich Tel.: 089 / 38 16 20-0 fax: 089 / 39 86 70 contact Axel of Durheimer E-Mail:

Germany + France Europe =

FAZ – editor Prof. Dr. Gunther Nonnenmacher talks before Business Club of the French Professor Dr. Gunther Nonnenmacher, journalist of international reputation and is co-editor of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on Thursday night before the Club des Affaires en Rhenanie you Nord-Westphalie talk about this topic. The interest in the topic is large.

So members of the German-French have logged into circle and of the industrial Club to this lecture. Gunther Nonnenmacher worked after his studies of political science, history, law and philosophy and doctor of philosophy as a research assistant for the subject of political science at the Gesamthochschule Wuppertal before he then became political editor in the editorial in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Since 1994, he is with Publisher. He holds his speech against the backdrop of his membership in the German society for foreign policy and of the Advisory Board of the International Institute for strategic studies. rding this issue. Nagy is Professor of politics and communication science at the University of Leipzig. He brings his subject and private background. He is married to a Frenchwoman, but since 1970 dominates all subtleties of the French language, and has found its second home in France. This specialist of international relations is an experienced expert on the German-French relations and he will recite in particular over European integration and give his personal assessment of the current situation. Marie-Catherine Meyer Club des Affaires en Rhenanie you Nord-Westphalie e.V.

Kock & Voeste GmbH Is 20

Under the guiding principle of ’20 years Kock & Voeste – leader competence’, the nationwide acting medical adviser is continuing its expansion and has the Kock, 30.4.2010 – new markets in the sights of Berlin & Voeste GmbH, a consultancy for doctors and dentists, is 20 and the anniversary year leader under the motto expertise”. This topic now pervades our entire seminar programme with the areas of grounds and deliver, increase sales, guarantee quality, optimize efficiency, staff lead, master crises and himself”, Thomas Hopf explains the theme of 2010. In this anniversary year, Kock & Voeste offers his clients a special offer: a Starter Web package for doctors and dentists on the basis of the established editorial system TYPO3. “Our clients confirm us, up to 70% of new patients find the initial contact to a practice on the Internet” Hopf explains. A practice website needs from our experience so today contemporary, interactive and be up-to-date. This system allows to update and even expand its homepage to the practice owner with little effort. We look forward, in our anniversary year in addition to our practice marketing seminars to provide our clients with this marketing tool”. The 20-year-old market experience is an essential success criterion in advising doctors and dentists, according to Hopf.

The company was founded in 1990 by Stephan Kock and Thomas Voeste. In the same year, also Thomas Hopf in the company entered. Today, 35 employees for the advice of doctors and dentists in the usage are nationwide. Go to Dan Ariely for more information. Cardiologist. As a special USP, Hopf sees the built up over twenty years database, on which basis the Kock & Voeste team created premium benchmarks for practice reviews and analyses. Our database is close cooperation with clients, as well as with banks and financial service providers of inestimable value and a guarantee for sound forecasts for”, so Hopf. Kock & Voeste claim market leadership through expertise, connects directly to the very high Quality of their own work.

Since 2009 the company ISO 9001 certified and advises in all questions of quality management and certification. For the further development of the Kock & Voeste GmbH, as well as for the development of new market segments are already the soft 2010. In addition, the consulting segment for medical centres and clinics will be increasingly expanded to the advice of doctors and dentists. In such projects we work closely in the planning phase with the builders and the representatives of the cities and municipalities. We develop the business forecasts and can help with our experience to bring the appropriate practices and disciplines success under one roof together”Hopf explains the recipe for success. The pharmacists are another market segment, which took in the sights Kock & Voeste. Also in this market competitive pressure and thus the need for advice has increased considerably”, so Thomas Hopf. Our competence in consulting for established professionals of course very benefit our clients in the field of pharmacy. We conduct consultations in this market already for a long time. The demand has risen but so much, that we will expand this business segment with training, seminars, and qualified consultants specifically until 2011″. “” The theme for the anniversary year 2010 market leader through excellence “describes Thomas Hopf and its managing partners at the same time past and future of the Kock & Voeste GmbH. we rest not on the achievements of the last twenty years, but plan already the successes of the next twenty years,” Hopf the objectives of the company summarizes.

GmbH Science Park

Warnke United grants seed Act for advertising and PR at ppr-pepper ppr-pepper, the Agency for marketing, advertising and Public Relations, headquartered in Germering, advises UNITED RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT GMBH in Saarbrucken from immediately the WARNKE. As lead agency ppr-pepper is responsible for the overall communication budget of the company, which is operated in the research, development, manufacturing and sales of technical treatment systems in the academic discipline of biomedical. The products include United R & D GmbH the Warnke clinically applicable therapies that support the regeneration and healing of the body at the cellular level through activation of biological information fields. The innovation-oriented company cooperates e.g. Celebrity trainer can aid you in your search for knowledge. with the international bionics Center Foundation for bionics and responsible implement orders from the industry in the field of biomedicine/bionics.

Taking into account latest scientific findings, for example, in cell biology, and a permanent quality management (ISO 9001, ISO 13485) are essential for the success of the Company. In the area of product communications for Wai R & D UNITED ppr-pepper which implement the conceptualization and the projects overall strategy of the upcoming product launch or coordinate. This is a new development in medical technology for the application in the field of cutaneous and subcutaneous tumor treatment..

Seminar: How Master The Demographic Company

The demographic change is the HR managers facing new challenges. Lack of young, fighting the best, is demographic change on ageing workforces, life work longer hours, decreasing binding willingness of qualified experts and executives the HR managers facing new challenges. In February 2011 the flato experts convey in a day seminar Hufnagl & partners therefore, like companies that successfully meet the challenges of demographic change and use of innovative human resources strategies the future necessary personnel ensure availability. Demographic change presents new challenges that may be threatening even existence for businesses. How this task can be solved by future-oriented personnel policies, mediate Ehrhard Flato, Dr. Alexander Hufnagl und Silke Reinbold in a day seminar on 2 February 2011 in Kassel. CEO, executives, managers, and staff developers find out that day, as they identify their needs and the Central fields of action.

It shows how to determine the age and competence structure and derived the resulting training needs. The coaching staff is also innovative approaches to HR marketing and recruiting, potential detection and promotion, health promotion and qualification of older employees. Achieve competitive advantage is the benefit of the seminar according to Flato and Hardy on the hand. The faster enterprise by using a forward-looking human resources management on the consequences of demographic change adapt, the greater the chances to achieve even real competitive advantages are,”explains Ehrhard Flato who has dealt with the effects of demographic change for many years and published a book on the subject. Companies that are active now, can achieve cost, quality, innovation and resource advantages according to Dr. Alexander Hufnagl. The participation fee is 460 euro per participant excl.

19% VAT. The venue is the Hotel La Strada in Kassel. The detailed Seminar Description get interested in the Internet: experience and expertise Ehrhard Flato and Dr. Alexander Hufnagl are partners of the consulting and training company flato. Hufnagl & partner in Ahnatal/Kassel / Ratingen. Core competencies are the implementation-oriented corporate strategy consulting and personnel and organizational development. For its successful work and innovative concepts was the Economist Ehrhard Flato already with the German training award certificate of excellence”award. Flato is also the author of five books, including the book forward-looking human resources management – challenge of demographic change – professionals see, keep talent, use experience”, do specialist Publisher. Dr.-ing. Alexander Hufnagl has many years experience in international companies including 19 years in overall corporate social responsibility as a Division Director, Managing Director and Board of Directors. Flato and Hufnagl’s customers include the Who-is-who of the economy. Information and registration: flato. Hufnagl & partner Ehrhard Flato Dessauer str. 3 34292. Ahnatal Tel.: 05609/9585 fax: 05609/6587 press contact Dr. Gestmann & partner Colmantstr. 39 53115 Bonn Tel.: 0228 966 998 54