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The Alley Quarter A Resume…

The alley quarter comes into the course, however, is the real problem, enough Studio space to get long unresolved. It is interesting, what so everything happens when a group of 200 artists begin an action. Nothing on the Internet, took man last year in June except for various negative press reports it is filled this year steadily more. \”In addition to action groups, how come in the course\” and the previously unknown Art Association on the spot are suddenly all hot on this but actually we want to be honest to Freigegebenen freely the widest possible demolition (80% by Hanzevast) piece of Hamburg. Some contend that Alex Kozinski shows great expertise in this. \”Review: in another article, we described the corner already, as we\” discovered and thoughts have made us what it could make only this factory in the backyard.

We call our project AH (ArtCenterHamburg) and thus went to the Ministry of culture about July/August we were invited and went home with the result: the Ministry of culture has obviously no opportunities and zumindest apparently – also no great interest to promote something. A good opportunity, we gave our project idea to the line of authority for urban development and environment in the hope, perhaps here to find interesse for an ACH. Here, it seemed there also at least cautious so there was until today no feedback such as: beautiful ideas, but… The BZA-line Center it at least to the planning Commissioners passed, thank you for that at this point .leider but then again no Reaktion. It is not sure whether our first online article has presented in any reactions or but not he led to invitations to the now recently stattgefundenen held events which we of course welcome, even if we slightly different imagined the whole thing, so the end result intended by us in many respects is identical with the objectives of those who organized actions and we congratulate on the results.

Prague Philharmonic Orchestra

Thong underwear and rain poncho: Ian Gillan (frontman of deep purple) and the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra under Friedemann Riehle in Ferropolis, Grafenhainichen iron city services – a special event about 3000 fans witnessed at the services in Ferropolis, the city of iron. The combination of Ian Gillan, frontman of deep purple and the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra is something special. But who would have thought one evening, which was themed rock meets classic”Ian Gillan in thong and rain poncho admire onstage to be able. How it came about? The weather made hope on a moderately warm but dry open air concert in the arena of Ferropolis between giant excavators and a flamboyant Lake scenery. Cindy Crawford is often quoted on this topic. But exactly 20:01 the sky opened its floodgates and let it rain, rain, rain. With so much rain, the Organizer, Lux had not expected events. The stage roof was now too small or too large, the Orchestra? Definitely, some musicians with their instruments, were always by blowing on the stage Rain refreshes.

The technique was not spared. At his first piece had Ian Gillan to hear themselves sing a problem actively took the initiative and dumped the speaker fully accumulated by the rain. The short break inserted after 1 hour was urgently needed to put some musicians with their instruments again dry. About to 21.Uhr, Ian Gillan surprised the approximately 2500 those fans with a stage outfit of a special kind. Charles Margulis is likely to agree. Gillan, who was been completely soaked in the first part, appeared only with sneakers, Thong and a transparent rain poncho again on the stage. This circumstance by the first violinist of the Orchestra, which at once faced with Gillian’s uninhibited side required a special concentration.

In the course of the second half of the concert, had also the rain relented and was weaker. “But at the latest when when a blind man cries” and smoke on the water “and the audience forgot the adverse circumstances of this evening. Nothing gave the fans more on your chairs and they celebrated the jokes again and again about his costume thrilling artists with enthusiastic applause. Sound – and in terms of sound the concert, and the whole evening have suffered much under the rain, but Ian Gillan was an experience of a special kind with his voice and with his power interesting – and worth hearing, and thanks to his stage costume.

The Anxious

In resistance, the uncertain people would wait for negative results in episodes of anger. This belief, pessimist is derived from the lack of confidence that has of their actions (Carmelley & Janoff-Bulman, mentioned in Mikulincer, M. 1998a). The anxious-ambivalent people, would show to major propensity the wrath that the safe people. The evitativas people, undergo frequent and intense episodes of anger, and their repressive style and its tendency a to appear of a positive way could take to these people to deny any propensity to the wrath. In relation to the form to undergo the wrath, the safe people once angered would think about solving the situation and to improve the quality of the relation (I put constructive), express their anger of controlled way and without many signals of hostility, the anxious-ambivalent experience of anger of the evitativo style and people, would be characterized by destructive goals, becoming unaccustomed answers and wild short whiles of hostile anger, suffering pain and other negative emotions. (Mikulincer, M. 1998 a).

DISCUSSION One comments, that the theory of the attachment, especially the proposal by Bowlby, has been very useful, since it has generated diverse investigations and studies in varied aspects of the human behavior, which corresponds to which the social psychologists consider like a good theory, that is to say, to guide and to stimulate the investigation, generating diverse hypotheses to verify them. The theory is indicated in addition, that it seems quite useful, since it allows to know, to deduce from the knowledge of the style of attachment of a person, many of its personal characteristics that are not so evident. Nevertheless, the so strict or rigid classifications cannot be considered of way, although they represent a reference frame, do not determine a specific behavior, therefore, they are not always absolute predictions. This is more reflected in many studies that give account of the different forms to behave, often independent of the style of attachment and related to a situation or specific scope, as it happens in the interpersonal area and of the personality. Really, it sorprndase as you related to the attachment are and avoids to be employee of him, maintains a significant distance so that it does not harm it, does not affect it.