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Aquatic Sports

2) AQUATIC SPORTS rsea shirt with official shield in the chest (center) and black shimstock. 1. The athletes, in general, will present themselves with the uniforms foreseen in this article, however, in accordance with the modality of the sport and the necessity momentnea, the practitioners of the terrestrial sports will be able to use the uniform n the 2 and practitioners of the aquatic sports, the uniform n 1. 2. To the uniforms no extra badge beyond the position number or order could not be added, or fights when it will be determined or allowed. OBS.: In archive pdf in annex, photographs of the club, taken off for me in 2010 and 2011.

HYMN OF author IS CRISTVO (: Lamartine Babo) They are Cristvo, Are Cristvo Your past is so beautiful How many victories in Figueira de Mello. When you win another Oh club! They are Cristvo belongings To the socristovenses hearts. The great ones made of the saudoso Canturia stimulate its extraordinary fiber. (Refro:) Avante Is Cristvo For your good, for our good For the largeness of the sports That this land has. You are of a quarter whose history Has a deep value ditoso Quarter of D. Peter II. When you go to the South Zone To play well with a club fort You have twisted of the Zone the North. They are Cristvo, Are Cristvo Your past is so full To your rivals you always inspire distrust.

Brazilian Makes

The day arrives to clarear! The party is not pra if to consume, but pra later if lembrar…com floated, jejuada strong, of today if counting to three days the floated one go to leave. We are that we go. (Pink Guimares: Manuelzo and Miguilim- a estria of love) In this estria Pink Guimares it values the verbal tradition, mixing Metaphysical cases and questionings with the search of Manuelzo for the reason of its existence. Beyond universal boardings, the author sends to the reading to the folklore sertanejo. ' ' I came to preguntar vosmec an opinion its explained ' ' ' ' Vosmec now makes me the good workmanship of wanting to teach to me what he is same that it is: fasmisgerado it makes-megerado falmisgeraldo familhas-generated? ' ' There, and for these ways of way, it has none nobody cliente, nor have legitimate the book that learns the words Pra is people information pie, for if dissimulating little ignorance Only if the priest, in Is A, the capable one, but with priests I do not give myself: they soon engambelam Well. Now, if she makes me grace, vosmec speaks to me, in the wood of peroba, the perfected one: what she is that is, what already I asked to it? ' ' (Famous First Estrias) Guimares works in this story question of the word, which beyond reflecting characteristics regional of the verbal language, also elaborates multiple meant and connotations. How much to the narrative process, Pink Guimares Joo, generally makes boardings and interpretations around what he considers specific Brazilian reality in face of other realities of national configuration. He is around ' ' causos' ' that the plot if develops, such ' ' causos' ' common and simple, therefore it is of the daily one that it states huge and bonanza occurrences.

Intensive Therapy Performance

Summary hospital Infection is any infection acquired after the internment of the patient and that if manifest during the internment or exactly after the high one, when could be related with the internment or hospital procedures. The objective of the displayed topic implies in describing to the light of pertinent literature to the subject, the performance of the nursing in the prevention and control of hospital infection in Unit of intensive therapy. The method used for the development of the thematic one in quarrel is decurrent of apanhado of bibliographical character carried through in the quantity of the library of the College Saint Emilia de Rodat-FASER, as well as in referring magazines to the boarded content and information acquired in sites of credibility, during the period of August of 2011 the January of 2012, the collected data had been later analyzed and interpreted to the light of literature concernente to the subject. Related literature approaches that the hospital infections are the most frequent and important complications occured in hospitalized patients. Patients interned in units of intensive therapy are of high risk, which had to its state of imunolgica deficiency, as resulted of invasive the therapeutical and disgnostic procedures, and are particularly susceptveis the hospital infections.

The alternative measures of prevention and measures to if effecting invasive procedures, are essential, being thus, the nurse could be preventing occurrence of the hospital infections. An exclusion of a obscure prognostic for who is concluded that the hospital infection is an event of eminent susceptibility where can be prevented through writs of prevention in the practical one of nursing, thus providing acquires an infection in Units of intensive therapy. Words key: Hospital infection in Intensive therapy, Performance of nursing. Abstract Nosocomial infection is any infection acquired to after admission the patient and manifested during hospitalization or to after discharge, when it can be related you hospitalization or hospital procedures.