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The Difference

It is given credit today that the accomplishment of the human being consists of if having a beautiful one namorada, house, car, a spectacular job where if it works hard little to the step that if receives one high remuneration. Others look for in the religion comfort for its interior fidgets and also is become fullfilled there. It also has that if it carries through practising sports, studying, travelling and as much other things that all we like to make. But the difference is in the importance degree that we deposit in each one of these things. At last, the human being in its subjectivity looks for to find ways particular if auto-realisar.

These half ones are varied and frustrating, by the way, all the accomplishment human being is frustrating. This occurs due has a colossal shock between imaginary and the reality. if to stop to think is a general phenomenon and that it reaches all the layers of the society, all the colors, both the sexos. A travelling one in this unjust and desumano world is enough human being perpetual to be frustrated while. We create in our mind feelings, words, action for a person, for example, however this person does not correspond ours ' ' expectations fantasiosas' '. If the person creates all a gamma of thoughts to conquer the loved person and the person corresponds, still thus the frustration. This because the things, nor that if want for a wrong comma ece of fish in the phrase, did not leave as planned, an unexpected one happened. now? Many the one that if frustram, therefore had been rejected, but the immense majority if forgets the frustration due to ' ' mirage of sim' ' that it opens the doors for a new distinct world of ' ' Eu' '. However, the frustration is there and for times until it is remembered with traditional ' ' Poxa life, could have different fact! ' '.


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Carnival of Roses

Carnival of Roses: from 3 to 7 March 2011 each time the famous Roses Caranval is most popular, and this 2011 will not be less. Approximately involved some 6,000 organizers (or more) and go approximately 50,000 spectators who enjoy like no event. This Carnival is, without doubt, the most colorful of the Emporda, the name of the region of the Costa Brava, where the small town of Roses is located. The Carnival is celebrated des 18th century every year. The typical festivals are ballroom dancing costumes, the Xocolatada (chocolate) for children, the competence of tortillas, and music and dancing in the streets. Obviously, during the carnival also occur to the King and Queen and numerous parades take place over 5 days.

Then the activities prepared for this year shall be named: you can rent an apartment or House in the Costa Brava, Roses or any people around, to asisir to the Carnival. Without a doubt, laquiler apartments are an economical choice… Thursday, March 3 to Friday, March 4 Thursday is the day that begins the Carnival, at 10.00. In the morning, he could not begin otherwise than with the arrival of King Carnestoltes, who makes his entrance in the SUF room. Then at 3 p.m.

against the Ciutadela, begins the first parade. Official activities will be held at 9 pm. Saturday at 4 pm there is a parade of children in costumes to 6 pm activities are carried out with the child animation group and claim to be the King and Queen of Carnival 2011 among children. Finally, at night, in the sports centre of roses and Frederic Rahola plaza, two festivals are conducted: the first with much dancing and the second with the so-called dancing with the band. Sunday, March 6, a parade of children and one adult are organized on Sunday at noon. In the Frederic Rahola square, afternoon (about 6 p.m.), is problem the King and Queen of the third age of Carnival. Late in the afternoon is also a concert in the Plaza Vella Peix, and at night there are night parties, from 23.00, just like on Saturday. Monday, 7 in March the last day of the Carnival in Roses. This estradicion day eat paella. At 6 p.m., from Plaza Cataluna and ending at the Frederic Rahola plaza, is the output of the funeral procession of the Carnestoltes and the burial of the sardine. One of the advantages if these in Barcelona and you want to get close to the Costa Brava, is that there is good public transportation options. Spend a day in Roses and see the animated Carnivalesque atmosphere is a unique experience, even if you stay in Barcelona. Look at some of the following apartments in Barcelona if you want to stay in the city of Barcelona.

Acne: Not Just A Skin Problem

According to various sources, 85-90% of all teenagers suffer from acne vulgaris, the skin disease that commonly referred to as “Acne.” This is why acne, such as retainers, is generally related to puberty and adolescence, as a sort of rite of passage to adulthood. We can easily see in the movies, where young clumsy 13 and 14 are shown frequently with skin and teeth away from perfection. For our adolescent personality that probably means you feel inferior and fight with our appearance during high school. Teens with acne are more likely to be abused, jokes and nicknames receiving cruel. In addition, side effects of most anti acne remedies are terribly embarrassing and usually do jokes, far from disappearing, worse.

For the lucky few whose parents have money, our teenage years with acne probably result in many visits to different dermatologists and purchases without to creams and antibiotics. But – everyone tells us – is fine. At the final pass. Soon we will become adults and – by magic – our acne will disappear. That is, unless you are a part of the unfortunate percentage of people still continue to suffer acne as an adult.

In fact, acne affects 25% of men and 50% of adult women at some point in their lives. The explicit abuse and cruel nicknames may be reduced, but acne can severely affect the life of an adult, no matter how “adult” and “mature” appear to be his companions. Acne outbreaks usually last about five years since its first appearance. After that, their effect is dissipated or worsens. And there is no way to know what type of acne you have until end of five years – after that, you’ll be ecstatic with joy or starting all over again, again at the beginning. And now, for some reason, the number of adults with severe acne is increasing in measure. Dermatologists call this an “epidemic”, the old rule of waiting until 20 to make your acne disappear completely expired. More and more patients entered the 20 and 30 are rising and can not believe what the mirror reflects them. Thus, acne is no longer a rite of adolescent passage. Acne has become widespread skin disease that affects one in every twenty people around the world. Visit my blog and you know how to remove acne in 3 days.

Cancer Treatment

Signs of cancer in Germany increased risk, an open wound or a tumor, nodes, or unusual thickening of the skin or under the skin, especially in the area of the breast, neck and armpits. – Any changes to the birthmarks or warts (increase in size in six months or more times). – Long-term pain in the stomach, colon, esophagus, not passing cough (hemoptysis, chest pain), poor appetite, aversion to meat, constipation, alternating with diarrhea, the appearance of blood and mucus in the stools, poor passage of food during swallowing. – Brown spots, which appear in the middle and old age (lack of cells with normal membrane – a symptom of Education oxide carbon and oxygen deficiency in the cells). Women (optional) abdominal pain, bloody discharge from the genital tract, menstrual irregularities, a deformation of the breast, nipple and areola, bloody discharge from the nipple. What are birthmarks indicate cancer Dangerous moles: brown, slate-black, blue, or blue, all-mole that appeared on the palms and soles;-moles are flat and shiny, uncovered the influence of aggressive fluids (acids, alkalis) The initial signs of degeneration are: – increase in the size of a mole, its seal, the expression of, increase or decrease color – cracking, bleeding from moles itching. Precancerous precancerous diseases are chronic gastritis, colitis, bronchitis, tumor-like processes in the breast, polyps in the colon. For early diagnosis of cancer necessary every 1-2 years to be tested. The first and second stages of cancer successful treatment is achieved in 80% of cases, the third stage, when the affected lymph nodes – 30% in the fourth stage, no more than 10%

Municipal District

Only the municipality of Puente del Congosto, apparently, has what you need to have so that people can bathe in its municipal district. It is not much, however, that are demanded today the peoples of Salamanca so the staff can take a public bathroom in the countryside. Just a few neighbors are willing to take the dip, that there is a kind of accessible beach where to do it, otherwise a sign as well, and that made the relevant analyses of water safety. There is the mother of the Lamb, in the cost of such analysis. It is not that they are expensive, but with an economic crisis in which councils soon not may pay the sewer or street lighting, who dares get into more trifles? Previsoramente, less than two years ago the Board has removed the requirement of having a first aid kit and a lifeguard.

Someone should perform a calculation of probabilities and concluded that the achieved savings was well worth the risk of having a dead man from time to time. And it is that, I am sorry, but people are dying on the beaches. And in swimming pools. For this reason, the requirement for lifeguards. For that, and the natural propensity for recklessness of our species, in which there are always individuals that a red flag, rather than deterring them, stimulates to go offshore. Our beaches, both maritime and fluvial, are becoming better and more quality services.

But there are also more and more victims. The same thing happens in climbing, the extreme sports and other activities conducive to excess. So much so that he has due set more stringent rules to practice them and a protocol about who has to pay the costly rescue of the imprudent. In addition, clear, budgetary scarcity reduces the number of lifeguards and hourly coverage of its surveillance. For this reason, I understand the wisdom of our province councils, who prefer neighbors duchen at home into a trouble. And it is that the oven is not for buns.