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Six Secrets To Gain Muscle Mass (Part 1 )

So you think you know everything about building If you've read everything, tried everything and listens to everything related to building muscles, but still looks like a Calvin Klien model instead of a buff fitness model! With these three "little known" secrets I promise to increase muscle growth immediately 1. This body weight training was once a popular muscle building technique but is very commonly ignored. Why? Perhaps because most body weight training is simply hard and can make a dent in your precious ego! As far as I'm concerned, if you can not work with your own body weight makes no sense using the external load, such as bars and weights. It's amazing how you can work using heavy weights with a wide microscopic motion, but can not make a series of push-ups, a squat on the floor or even one chin. Do not get me wrong, there is definitely a place for external loading with heavy weights. 2.

Adapting your program every three weeks This is a very important aspect for building muscle mass, not to mention one of the easiest tricks for your body is modeled permanently. Consider that you've worked training your chest and shoulders, triceps every Monday. At what stage next three weeks later, you must do the opposite. You should train your triceps, shoulders, chest on Fridays. This will prevent muscle exhaustion, because each muscle group will have the opportunity to train completely fresh. Let's say you are training your back, biceps, forearms and abs on Friday. Which train the abdominals, forearms, biceps, and back on Monday (in reverse order).

You literally must change everything upside down. Again, this will ensure that these muscles receive an opportunity to train in the first week, when his body is more rested. You tell me crazy if I suggest you work the smaller muscles first and train larger muscle groups later. Yes, I know that bodybuilders Digest said it would never train the smaller muscle groups before your larger muscle groups large. I've heard before so stop analyzing, trust me and give her a chance. You be the judge and do not be surprised if you see new levels of muscle mass and strength after this technique. 3. Spend more time in the supermarket If you are serious about building muscle, accept the fact that you have to spend more time than usually occupied at the supermarket. Have you ever opened the fridge to eat something and all they found was Aunt Wilma, the mold with leftover turkey from Thanksgiving Day? To ensure an optimal environment for muscle development and fat loss you must make sure your fridge is constantly stocked. This means more frequent trips to the supermarket. Replace junk food for real food and not let the good food supply is exhausted for more information .

LASIK Eye Laser Treatment Abroad

The LASIK eye laser treatment is becoming increasingly popular. Is LASIK abroad to recommend? Do you wear glasses or contact lenses? If so, then you are either nearsighted or farsighted with security. In addition, they have may also an astigmatism. These forms of refractive error can be treated very well with the eye laser. However not everyone for a treatment with the laser eye, or the so called LASIK, is suitable method. Who is let his eyes lasers, must meet certain requirements.

For example, the patient may not be ill eye disorders like cataracts or green star. Also a corneal disorder such as Keratoconus may not exist. Moreover, the patient may be not contracted General diseases such as diabetes or rheumatism. Exclusion criteria are all for eye laser treatment. The patient should remain, if it’s a woman, the OP not pregnant at the time.

Also, patients are not treated with cardiac pacemakers. In addition, the expression of refractive of error may one not exceed certain diopter value. Short-sightedness must value not exceed-12 diopters. The hyperopia may not exceed the value + 6 diopters and the curvature of the cornea must be not more than 6 dioptres. In addition, the patient’s corneal thickness must be sufficiently thick. Because during the LASIK treatment of corneal tissue layers are removed. If the cornea is not thick enough, LASIK is not possible. As an alternative the modern Femto LASIK or the LASEK, but must be carried then method. The LASEK is no incision in the cornea as in LASIK. Only the top layer of the cornea, which is also called the epithelium, is carefully cast aside with a mini-planes. Then the laser with the excimer laser, just like at the LASIK procedure is carried out. Then, the epithelium is rolled back again. As protection of epithelium a protective contact lens on the eye is applied also, which is removed after about 5 days ago from the eye. The wound pain is higher than when the LASEK LASIK. LASEK patients can usually first after 1-2 weeks your work resume. During an initial interview and an initial examination, the doctors determine whether you meet all the requirements for eye laser treatment. For example a corneal topography is performed during this investigation. The results of this corneal topography indicate whether your skin is thick enough. If you are looking for LASIK treatment abroad, including the LASIK Turkey, is to recommend in any case, carried out a preliminary investigation in Germany in a renowned eye clinic. With the results of this study you can then travel in Turkey, where then your LASIK treatment they can undergo. In this way, you can ensure that not in vain flying treatment abroad for your LASIK. Nothing is generally against an eye laser treatment abroad. In Turkey there are well-known eye laser specialists, the a wealth of experience of some of 50,000 LASIK surgery? In addition, the metropolis of Istanbul is equipped with very modern eye Jack, which is State-of-the-art laser technology can be found. The choice of a good eye laser surgeon who has a good reputation in Turkey and has also sufficient experience in the field of laser eye surgery is important. On the Internet, you should make a good research about the doctors in Istanbul anyway before you book the trip definitely. “” In addition, there are numerous Internet forums to the topic eye laser “, and LASIK”. There you can find also testimonials from former LASIK patients representing a great help with security. Mathias Weber

Defeat Express

Perhaps you are one of those who retracted like so many in your same situation, they have learned to hide what they feel or think; participate in conversations or discussions can be normal for many, but for you if your problem is the timidity, doing so can be a real triumph. Luckily for many individuals in your situation, years of proceeding passively have begun to overcome it using techniques be asserted-centric. First that nothing must have the certainty that your feelings and aspirations do not lack importance, your not you’re less than anyone else, nor object subject to the will of others, when you finally understand this you will feel calmer and entrusted. Just in case you want to achieve success in your life, and that your goals become reality, understanding how successful a positive and expected outcome, whatever your interpretation of it, achieving an enviable economic position or transform you into a great orator. You will have to take into account what the being able to express your feelings frankly, both positive as the not so much, this practice is known in the field of psychology as a conduct of self-affirmation, relates to be asserted from the verbal and emotional statement of what you detect at the time of the experience, for example: this I do not like, I won’t because it is not in agreement with my principles or what I say me these offending. You do not hide what you truly feel, defends right to feel and express, if you abstienes do you, eventually you finish making you damage, we must of course be extremely cautious not to hurt the sensitivity and susceptibility of our fellow, the idea is to be recognized without reaching treating others with cruelty or disrespect. Necessary is that you recognize as a person, and that you are in constant connection with your ideals, society, what you pretend and that can get to give.


In a market where the plasma television slowly disappear and be replaced by LCD televisions, as based on OLED televisions are not yet available, Mitsubishi launched today a completely new product, which most likely surprised at all major manufacturers. The company announced the Laser TV for the third quarter of 2008.