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Effective Diet

Any diet – a test for the organism. Many doctors believe that there is no harmless diet. There are dangers of this method of weight loss: Individual intolerance. The same diet may well help one person and hurt another. Adaptation of the organism. If the diet is used for too long, your body gets used to the new diet, as a consequence – slowing weight loss or cessation of weight loss. Potential harm to health, especially if you use the products are poor in protein, minerals and dietary fiber. Diets do not form the skills of a balanced diet, so when you stop 'dieting' overweight returns 90-95% of cases, often with a noticeable increase.

Strongly not recommended to lose weight, sit on weight loss diets for pregnant women, lactating women and adolescents, especially during puberty. This can cause irreparable damage to health! If you decide to go on a diet, follow these rules: Check with your doctor, nutritionist, it helps to choose the most effective for you diet. If you suffer from any chronic illness, consult your doctor – some diet you may be absolutely contraindicated. Try to choose a diet that includes foods that you love – you soak it easy, perhaps even with pleasure. Do not overdo it.

In any case, do not use diet, especially the 'tough', longer and more often than recommended. Do not reduce calories too much (women should consume no less than 1000-1200 calories per day, the men – 1700-2000). If the application of any weight loss diet you have noticeably deteriorated state of health, not to mention the occurrence (exacerbation) of any disease, discontinue use of this diet: for losing weight should not harm their health. Losing weight is easier than to keep the achieved results. After completion of the diet is not 'hop off', do not eat everything and to satiety, and smoothly, gradually increasing the volume and calorie food, go to a normal balanced diet.