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Calidad Producido

This category is similar to the French Vin de Table, as well as Italian Vino da Tavola. Production of table wines are not regulated by rules other than those of common, which protect the safety and health of consumers. Table Spanish wine can be made by blending different wine, but may be a varietal wine, and one of the vineyard, not included in the classification and even created from berries certain crops. However, in this case, the label table wine of Spain does not indicate any place of production or crop year. * VdlT (Vinos de la Tierra) – local wines. This category is similar to Spanish wines, along with the French Vin de Pays, and Italian Indicazione Geografica Tipica. Local Spanish wines are produced in vast areas, boundaries, and the name have been registered and legally defined. The label of this wine indicates not only the zone production, but also the grape.

In addition, for the sake of vintage wines, consisting of 85% of one crop of berries, probably an indication of the crop year – vendimia or cosecha. * vcprd (Vino de Calidad Producido en Region Determinada) – smallest category of Spanish wines, like French vdsq. This Spanish wines, pending the entry into the elite club of wine do. * do (Denominacion de Origen) – wines with appellation controlled according to the origin. This category of Spanish wines on the similarity of the French aoc and the Italian doc. Currently in Spain there are 67 regions which produce wine names, controlled descent. In each of these acts Consejo Regulador (council), which controls established for the region's rules grape growing, wine production and paying heed to the accuracy of information on the bottle label.

Economy, seeking for its wines category do, are obliged to provide samples of the Council for and tastings. The fact that the wine fits this category, demonstrates the Council stamp on its label. * doc (Denominacion de Origen Calificada) – this is the highest level category of do, a similar Italian docg. doc category was introduced in 1991 and is growing very slowly. The first region in which appeared wines doc, a Rioja, further acceded to the Priory (2003), and later the Ribera del Duero (2008). Category assigned to doc production wine regions with a long history of confirmed registration high quality wines. In order to select Spanish wine, in addition to the category to take into account its exposure. Exposure of Spanish wines is indicated as follows. Joven (or sin crianza) – a young Spanish wine beverage not subject to aging in oak barrels. Crianza – is either red (tinto) Spanish wine, aged 2 years, including 6 months in oak barrels, or white (blanco) or pink (rosado), aged 1 year, including 6 months in oak barrels. Reserva – Red Spanish wine, aged 3 years, including at least one year in oak barrels, or white and red Spanish wine, aged more than 2 years, including 6 months of them in oak barrels. Gran Reserva – Spanish red wine, aged 5 years, including chisle3 years in oak barrels, or white and rose wine, aged 4 years, including 6-months in oak barrels. Now you know the difference between a good wine from bad!