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Upper Muscles

This helps the muscles of the lumbar spine is stronger hold, increases the resistance of the body and gives strength. Throughout the whole exercise elbows should be directed strictly to the side. Remember, the closer the elbows to the sides of the torso, the more load is shifted onto the shoulders. To achieve the maximum reduction in the upper part of chest muscles and triceps, at the upper arms should be fully extended (but not to lock elbows). The grip should not be too broad. So you reduce the amplitude of movement and risk to overload the chest muscles. At the lowest point does not push (not ) barbell chest, arching up all over. Throughout the entire set click and lower the bar at a moderate pace.

Do not use excessively heavy barbell. A vital role to play properly technique, and only then the weight of the load. Throughout the entire set for a second did not relax the abs and lower back muscles. The stronger they are stretched, the more stable position of the torso and easier to harvest stem. Pause, stop at the lowest point complicates exercise, since then additional efforts are needed to move the rod with a stopped "dead spots".

Put down and hit the bar at a moderate pace. The slow pace may cause excessive strain on joints and prevents the control of the correct form of movement. If the bench is set below 30 degrees to the horizontal, the focus is directed to load the middle and lower chest muscles.

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