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Zmitser Ashmanov

"No revolution in media advertising has not happened," – Roman Filippov (Adriver) Moreover, media advertising lags behind in tempo and volume of content. Those revenues, which predicted a media advertising, earned context. 110 and $ 85 million, respectively. And for media advertising in the past year there has been two major trends: 1) Completion of the segmentation of Internet business. Small business finally went to contextual advertising, and big business is not enough advertising sites. That is on the market come the "new" large advertisers and not enough grounds it with a wider audience. 2) There are trafikonosnye vebdvanolnye projects. Audience them wide, but the characteristics of this audience are not clear, and hence there is no way to target advertising.

Ways out of the media crisis, Filipov – increase capacity of places with technology multiskrin (rotirovanie advertisement three advertisers for one session on one page) or Adslayd – a rebirth of advertising networks – the widespread introduction of behavioral targeting Zmitser Ashmanov theme of the report are similar, but adjusted it is less pessimistic. Radio – near the media, which is to win online advertising investments. Right now the radio fraction 5.3% and 3.3% Internet. True, before Victoria will celebrate in the world. In Russia, where radio reached 70% of the population, and access to the Internet is only at 27%, this victory may break out any time soon. According to his calculations, by 2010, total online advertising market in RuNet reach $ 1 billion. This year, advertisers have been active and will remain: IT-sector (Steady 9%), products of mass consumption – 12% (up 3.2%) and avtodillery.

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