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Sonreia Transplant

Hospital discharge in a liver transplant on October 21, Dr. Cecilia Yeren walls, every day me curing, came early, as always, I would say that almost lived in service, she made a neat scar healing, presented the box to the transplant team, it assessed the evidence from laboratory-which were favourable,- and decided to discharge. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Gunnar Peterson. He looked at me, smiled, and said: these high! you go home! you’re free! My heart cried for a psychiatrist, was in insane tachycardia I could not believe it!, he was dating high, do high?, if you’re high! Of the transplant!, do transplant?, if the transplant! Incredible! Already I’m transplanted!, I’m live! And I’m leaving high!, miracle!, do not I’ll be dreaming?, a dream?, he played my body, me muchachote, checking my dressings, my arms full of broken veins, the bruising, my neck as if I had bitten a vampire, he reviewed the liver profile, 0.16 direct bilirubin, albumin 4.45, prothrombin time of 12 was not any dream! It’s real! – said – I’ve been Trasplantado! thank God Mio!…Thank you doctor! It seemed a boy with new shoes, was missing the balloon and serpentine Me amoles sooner you humming as not believing in Dios Maruja brought clothes, sack and tie, well shaven, I left here and amid hugs, good wishes, kisses from nurses, technicians, I came out in a wheelchair, that morning BUR, in My Briefcase wore garments that had lost, loaded there dreams, plans, the goals, the joy, the Goodbye cat illusion, Goodbye 7 lives, Chau Phoenix, Chau Prometheus told me-, Sonreia I was only an undeserved Sali Lazarus by emergency, walking, where 6 days earlier, had entered walk to beautiful appreciate Hospital, the courtyards, the ambulances!, walking rushing doctors and nurses! That cute return to life!, that great walk! as not believing in God! I went to the door and shook hands with the Vigilante was surprised not remember me?-told him looked at Me Mr Pedro! – exclaimed excited – but how!, already are you going? surrendered and I fired with a fraternal hug and very la limena told me take care Mr Pedro!, was the same vigilant overnight in which joined, for transplantation! Marujita friends had offered an ambulance of solidarity, but I preferred to get out walking, by the Jr. .