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Karma and Health

It takes 33% of information on all our lives – what we call karma in Buddhism, the fate of Christianity, Heaven Luck in Feng Shui. But it's always about our chances, that a man can do, and what he just did not have to spend time and effort. For example, your child is on the map to the birth predisposed to law, wants to become a fireman, and the parents see him as a future doctor. Beneficial to know about the predisposition to profession in advance, before entering college. When there is an opportunity to refocus the aims and objectives in life.

And practical to get the profession that will bring money and satisfaction. Each year presents us with new surprises with his health. Determine the disposition of the body to serious illness, to obtain information on how to prevent the operation and preventive health – is an invaluable opportunity increase the duration and quality of their lives. European medicine, for example, does not associate high blood pressure with kidney disease. A high blood pressure – is usually an imbalance of water in the kidneys. Pressure to the kidneys come from Heart – Fire element, ie high blood pressure – it is always a conflict of Water and Fire.

Or, for example, an allergy – an imbalance of the element of Fire, blood, which attacks the wood element – the liver. Allergy treatment should start with diet and cleanse liver, and not continue to poison its chemicals. The Four Pillars of Destiny, as a way of obtaining such information, is unparalleled. And even if the operation can not be avoided, because it is simply wasted time and there was no such knowledge – we minimize the risk of complications after it and pick a time and place for the operations in which we will be maximally protected. At the consultations are traditionally asked several questions, one of the most disturbing something like this: "Where is my money? How can I earn? "Money – it is another kind of energy. Imagine that you are predetermined at birth a vital supply of this energy and store it in your purse heaven. You move through life intuitively and pull out of this purse your money haphazardly, when certain conditions permit – in this case, we say, for example: Last year was good for me! And what are the conditions and when prepare for the next good period of life for one's own business or the concentration of cash reserves – it is clear also from the birth chart. People born potential millionaires much less than usual, ordinary citizens. And we all get a lifelong exactly as much money as us written – nothing more, nothing less. The challenge is to a certain period of life devote their efforts to ensure that money, to create some basis for the relaxed later life. Ba Zi saves in this sense a lot of time and effort, allowing the economical use of other forms of energy embodied in man. Four Pillars of Destiny Ba Zi – Chinese – a black and white stripes of our lives. On it more fun is the one who makes good decisions, has definite information when the decision to adopt and how it should be. The greatest value of our lives – is ourselves, and the most secret knowledge – knowledge about himself. With Ba Zi we have the opportunity to get answers to all questions about his own life!

The Difference

It is given credit today that the accomplishment of the human being consists of if having a beautiful one namorada, house, car, a spectacular job where if it works hard little to the step that if receives one high remuneration. Others look for in the religion comfort for its interior fidgets and also is become fullfilled there. It also has that if it carries through practising sports, studying, travelling and as much other things that all we like to make. But the difference is in the importance degree that we deposit in each one of these things. At last, the human being in its subjectivity looks for to find ways particular if auto-realisar.

These half ones are varied and frustrating, by the way, all the accomplishment human being is frustrating. This occurs due has a colossal shock between imaginary and the reality. if to stop to think is a general phenomenon and that it reaches all the layers of the society, all the colors, both the sexos. A travelling one in this unjust and desumano world is enough human being perpetual to be frustrated while. We create in our mind feelings, words, action for a person, for example, however this person does not correspond ours ' ' expectations fantasiosas' '. If the person creates all a gamma of thoughts to conquer the loved person and the person corresponds, still thus the frustration. This because the things, nor that if want for a wrong comma ece of fish in the phrase, did not leave as planned, an unexpected one happened. now? Many the one that if frustram, therefore had been rejected, but the immense majority if forgets the frustration due to ' ' mirage of sim' ' that it opens the doors for a new distinct world of ' ' Eu' '. However, the frustration is there and for times until it is remembered with traditional ' ' Poxa life, could have different fact! ' '.