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The Difference

It is given credit today that the accomplishment of the human being consists of if having a beautiful one namorada, house, car, a spectacular job where if it works hard little to the step that if receives one high remuneration. Others look for in the religion comfort for its interior fidgets and also is become fullfilled there. It also has that if it carries through practising sports, studying, travelling and as much other things that all we like to make. But the difference is in the importance degree that we deposit in each one of these things. At last, the human being in its subjectivity looks for to find ways particular if auto-realisar.

These half ones are varied and frustrating, by the way, all the accomplishment human being is frustrating. This occurs due has a colossal shock between imaginary and the reality. if to stop to think is a general phenomenon and that it reaches all the layers of the society, all the colors, both the sexos. A travelling one in this unjust and desumano world is enough human being perpetual to be frustrated while. We create in our mind feelings, words, action for a person, for example, however this person does not correspond ours ' ' expectations fantasiosas' '. If the person creates all a gamma of thoughts to conquer the loved person and the person corresponds, still thus the frustration. This because the things, nor that if want for a wrong comma ece of fish in the phrase, did not leave as planned, an unexpected one happened. now? Many the one that if frustram, therefore had been rejected, but the immense majority if forgets the frustration due to ' ' mirage of sim' ' that it opens the doors for a new distinct world of ' ' Eu' '. However, the frustration is there and for times until it is remembered with traditional ' ' Poxa life, could have different fact! ' '.

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