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Expansion of consciousness in this sense then means that we are the very aware and able, to penetrate even deeper to ourselves. Back to the harsh reality of the sport, who discuss the case of Lance Armstrong, his current suspension, the tour achievements detected off and the points of view of the antagonists want to, can do this on two different species. Firstly, as probably most people do it, namely logical arguments with personal sensations to mix and to divide to obtain then clear position at the end of things into good and bad. Go to Anna Wintour for more information. Or secondly to try, to take a completely different, so to speak-blockade-free attitude, not so much trying to distinguish, but rather to understand. Following idea as a small thought experiment: specifically a successful top athletes imagine, like him because, as is his vulnerable and always challenging ego as a shadow behind him, in the desire to be ever better. And next to it a peaceful, older Indian monk with a quiet smile on his face! Question: do you see the ego somewhere? Are we the ultimate how to? To do so a few thoughts and questions. A success for the ego is not the same as a success for the soul. What kind of success is in athletes or sports themselves mostly to watch? Ego successes need trophies in various designs (medals, trophies, awards, lists).

What takes you so someone really, if the victories are stripped of him? An ego, which gives you the feeling of imperfection, can bring someone to perform or force. What would an athlete without this low self-esteem? And an athlete, whose driving is this inner dissatisfaction, really is a suitable role model for our kids? There are athletes who simply love what they do. What athletes might be? There is only one winner, there can be many winners. Because win can one where you know that it has done its best and is easily satisfied.