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Author’s Note: this article due to its length was divided into three parts, to be published one weekly. Then part 1: on Sunday, March 28, 2010 we were getting ready with my family to go to lunch at the beach, however we had to postpone our initial intentions for two hours. Since by a phone call that we receive (for the case no matter who did it) we changed our plans and half an hour later we were witnessing the mass of Ramos. I not followed to mass, nor is it my intention to put me to analyze if it’s okay or not to go, every one will know the inner need to attend both a church and a synagogue or a mosque (depending on religion which each professes or not). But the important thing what I am going to express in this article is not the echo of having gone to mass, but what you hear in the Sermon on that day. Although one always to played and since childhood mainly, the word of God, that day in particular and because of Easter, heard a phrase that caught my attention above all others. Because of the law of attraction one learns that what draws attention, most of the time, is because this circumstance has some teaching by giving us. That phrase that I mean noticed me when normally it should not be so, because (referring to the story told about Jesus) one may startle for an act of courage or even suffering; However that day the words of the cure that permeated in my mind with greater strength, were the narration of a cowardice. I refer in particular when Jesus at the last supper he said, according to the Gospel of Matthew 26, 33-34: 33 – Peter began to say to him: Although all stumble, I never dudare it 34-Jesus replied: I assure you that tonight, before the Rooster sing, you will deny me three times.

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