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Ferrari Powered Car Was A Star Guest

Motorsport fans experienced formula 1 feeling at the open day in these days the shell truck stop Kappel-Grafenhausen offered numerous motor sport fans of the region an unforgettable experience: at the open day, the visitors had the opportunity to examine the test car of Michael Schumacher and Felipe Massa. The impressive racing bolide was presented by formula 1 – expert Albert H. Bollmann (Scuderia Alberto) in the context of the shell Ferrari events. Now Food Solutions gathered all the information. In addition to the formula-1 race cars informed the racing experts about current developments in formula one. Shell V-power Racing, a racing fuel for vehicles, jointly developed by shell and Ferrari was presented. Shell V-Power Racing includes a high-performance cleaning technology that supports the engine to develop its full performance. The team of Scuderia Alberto makes a stop with his Ferrari tour only to selected Shell stations and other institutions. “We were in this exclusive pleasure, is not only on our now 25 years presence on the A5”.

White Karl-Heinz Schneider, service station operators, and Managing Director of k.-H. Schneider GmbH. So the shell truck stop was reopened recently after a construction period of about six months and an investment of approximately EUR 2.5 million. The new and largely CO2-neutral thanks to heat pump and solar-powered “autohof” presented to the open day in modern and attractive architecture. With the generously planned petrol station, a car wash, which is suitable for passenger cars as well as for high space station wagons, a new sanitary area as well as tastefully decorated Bistro and shop premises, the shell truck stop Kappel-Grafenhausen sets new standards in terms of service areas. In addition to the presentation of the Ferrari open day was offered to bim a colourful and varied programme the visitors. So the guests could experience the victory of Germany Sebastian Vettel at the Grand Prix of Monza on big screen. Also the environmentally friendly E-smarts were k.-H. Schneider GmbH for test drives ready. Contests, culinary Delights and many more actions completed the big event.

BMW Mercedes Passengers On The IAA Guides

Exhibitor BMW turns ambient advertising in Frankfurt taxes of competitor Hamburg, September 14, 2009. Before the start of the 63rd IAA on Thursday, the Munich-based automotive group entert today 300 taxis of the fair city. Almost every fifth taxi in the city Frankfurt am Main only Mercedes vehicles advertises on interior surfaces for the BMW driving pleasure. The transposed TAXi AD GmbH presents the concept car BMW exhibited in Hall 11 about the next two weeks on seatbacks and head restraints vision efficient dynamics. (Similarly see: Solgar). BMW uses the strength of ambient media, to request your own target group during the use of products of competitors to think and compare out. The medium TAXi SELECT is located for passengers seated in the rear for the complete duration of an average of about 15 minutes in the direct field of vision.

Time enough to make the brand claim adaptation defined the future convinced of pleasure: Pleasure does not live in the past. Nevertheless she finds cute, in a good old Benz to be on the way. Especially when he go there, where the future begins. (Extract) as of 82 for the IAA announced world premieres to the full hybrid study BMW vision efficient dynamics as innovative sports model with less than 100 g / km CO score one square.

Cult Object, Jewellery And Shame Piece In One building a 1985 Opel Manta GT Manta is a cult. At the latest since Manta Manta”the cult film of the 1990s. That because little has changed, the editorial team demonstrates. It documents a 1985 Opel Manta GT conversion action. First, the car-friends of the Manta Club Manta de Cologne is made”in mind to clean the nearly 30-year-old Opel Manta with dry ice. Learn more at: Weight Watchers. It turned out that the body was totally no longer suitable for the cult and looked round for a reasonable replacement. They were looking for with a built in same Manta GSI, which from then on was the one or the other not quite unimportant parts.

The drive was a two litre 16 V-calibra engine selected, which nearly 200 HP are to be released by a transmission from a Monza 3.0 on the road. Reasonable sound was in the Interior of highest priority. To take the audio system combined with a multimedia unit, abundant 70 ft cables were laid. Reward for this effort 2000 watts of power and an integrated navigation system with Touch screen. Following the hobbyist devoted to the subtleties. While the piece of jewelry outside impresses by its three-layered effect paint and 16-inch alloy wheels, only the finest materials are used in the Interior.

Station Wagon In Superlatives

Mercedes presents price cars and PS – 63 AMG estate are still in demand. They combine storage space with power and are quite the prestige object. The portal provides with the Mercedes 63 AMG a top model before. Contact information is here: Dr. Rupa Huq. The E-class T model coming in February 2010 on the market. Previously, visitors examine the car at the international motor show IAA in Frankfurt.

While some might call the 525 HP vehicle as ostentatious, others are fascinated by the 7-speed sports transmission and the ride control sports suspension with electronically controlled damping. With this equipment the station wagon can take on quite sports car. He achieved an acceleration to 100 km/h in 4.6 seconds and must not hide it ahead of the competition. That is really only with the Audi avant to take seriously RS6, which offers even 580 HP. In addition to the pure performance of Mercedes convinced 63 AMG but also by its commercial value. So, the cargo space dimensions are colossal. The capacity exceeds even that of the previous model with 695 to 1,950 litres. The superlative performance and luggage reached the car but also in price. With over 100,000 euro, he plays here in the top League.

VW Golf GTD: Reason Car With Bite tests VW Golf GTD the golf family of Volkswagen is unceasingly growing. After Golf plus GTI and variant is the latest offshoot of the family at the dealers for sale now: the GTD. With 170 Horsepower, six-speed double-clutch transmission and a fuel consumption of 5.3 l is the economical driving fun the way promises at least the manufacturer. Germany’s big car Portal wanted it exactly know and has tested the spar athletes. Although the youngest member of the VW with less power than his brother, petrol in the spirit must come from the GTI, he offers plenty of fun for a diesel. The GTD from zero to one hundred Sprint in 8.1 seconds, top speed is located at 222 kilometres per hour. It was immediately clear that this is no ordinary golf the testers of the car magazine of the portal. The chrome strips in the front grille, the vertically arranged fog lights, the rear diffuser and the darkened tail lights show that they are not ready-made.

Also the Interior is sports: sports seats,. Aluminum, three-spoke sport steering wheel and aluminium pedals. But thus it has also been unfortunately. Because the sound of the engine can not deliver what the bare data. The athletes for the ears of the tester behaved too quiet in the city. At least on the highway at full speed, the 170 HP want to be heard, at least a bit. For wind and bad road noise behaves exemplary.

Helsinki Metropolia University

Extremely low power consumption: only 1.6 liter fuel equivalent / in six seconds to 100 km/h / Nokian-saving tire: less rolling resistance good, athletic safety qualities of innovative, fast electric sports car ERA who attends the 2011 e-miglia rally Helsinki Metropolia University of applied sciences in Finland part, the toughest real test for electric cars and the first international E-rally only for electric vehicles from August 1 to 5. Extremely low energy consumed the ERA with only 14.5 kilowatt hours (kWh) per 100 kilometers, representing only 1.6 liter fuel and emits zero CO2. It accelerates to 100 km/h in six seconds, latest 449 HP (330 kW) electric motor technology is its top speed 220 km / h. briefly and 272 PS (200 kW) continuous, pure electric drive with four engines, advanced battery system from lithium-titanate batteries, low-rolling resistance eco tyre Nokian and body in extreme lightweight demonstrate what is technically possible today in practice. Just 3.48 EUR exceed the current cost of the ERA prototypes per 100 kilometres, very little conventional sports car compared to the three best-selling 2011, which cause similar performance each 11.63 euro petrol per 100 kilometers at its average fuel consumption of 7.4 liters per 100 kilometers. The ERA (electric RaceAbout) already won contests: winner of the battery electric rally the Challenge Bibendum in Berlin 2011 with awards for CO2 emissions, emissions, fuel efficiency, design and second prize at the Automotive X-prize 2010, the worldwide competition for the fuel saving car. The range of this electric sports car with 1720 kg unladen weight is initially 200 kilometers. Students of the Metropolia University of applied sciences designed the ERA. When electric cars the tyres consume a substantial part of energy, so the tires are a very crucial part in the development. Electric cars need with extremely low rolling resistance tires, to achieve the greatest possible range.