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Magical Aroma

As soon as born, breathes and thus we can detect and differentiate, first, among the smells nice and those that we find offensive. From there, we instinctively seek to produce positive feelings and the aroma has a magical power. In our daily life, it has been shown that the appropriate aromas can enhance the image, attract a loved one and to give luck. Below is a list of aromatic plants and potentize forces for use at the right time: Camelia: If you want to enhance the charisma and sensuality, bringing the aroma of this plant is indicated. Cinnamon: If you want to increase our focus, bring this aroma. It also helps in situations of economic instability by providing that the gates of plenty open. Carnation: To enhance knowledge, this scent is ideal.

Likewise, it is considered a powerful aphrodisiac to love and joy permeate around. Eucalyptus: The strong aroma of eucalyptus is used to enhance sharpness, creativity and initiative. It also helps people suffering from sinusitis. Ginseng: The aroma has the power to restore and enhance the ability to work. It also increases the life force and sexual. Therefore, it is widely used as an aphrodisiac.

Fennel: Its aroma helps to enhance both our professional and personal life and also gives us courage in adversity. Honeysuckle: The aroma facilitates the improvement of the economy and promote the wealth at home. Also helps to counteract problems of overweight. Mint: If we protect ourselves from negative energies, this is the right scent. Is positive in the house cleanings with this herb and its odor is permeated everywhere. Patchouli: This scent is a powerful and magical unlocking. It is therefore recommended when a person considers that it has many obstacles to achieve her ideal. Thyme: The aroma of this plant is suitable for people suffering from insomnia, as it facilitates sleep. Vanilla: This scent is considered an aphrodisiac, as sexually attracted to the beloved, but it must be inhaled to moderation. This article was prepared by the team.

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