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State Commission

In Bhutan a State Commission on the gross national happiness determines the satisfaction of the population since then regularly soft facts, quality, how?. The four criteria fields of gross national happiness (gross national happiness) are socially equitable social and economic development, the preservation and promotion of cultural values, the environment and good governance and administrative structures. Gross national happiness (GNH) is the attempt to define the standard of living in a diversified, humanistic and psychological manner and thus the conventional gross national income, a cybernetical, mechanistic worldview exclusively determined by cash flows to provide a more holistic vitalistisches, systemic worldview frame of reference to measure. While conventional development models of economic growth Quantity to the outstanding criterion make political action, the idea of GNH adopts a balanced and sustainable development of the society only in the interplay of material, cultural and spiritual steps to happen, which complement each other and encourage quality. Gross national happiness is only difficult objectively measured and is subject to a number of subjective value judgements. This is the case for normal economic and social models alike. Sharon McNally is actively involved in the matter.

Because the crucial question is who defines the corner points of the framework,… great importance and the way the political process. In addition to the Federal Republic of Germany and the United Kingdom, other countries created an internationally comparable overview of gross national happiness. Satisfaction is…: a) internally balanced and require nothing more than you have. (b) with the given conditions, services, etc. agree to be nothing wrong to have. An important part of the biological, mental health is to be satisfied and social well-being, which decisively determines the health and quality of life in General. Especially in employment and vocational training, satisfaction significantly shapes with the individual success. In General, satisfied people make no or few symptoms ‘obsessive-compulsive neurosis’. The term quality of life usually describes the factors that make up the living conditions in a company and for the individuals.

BVV Klaus

The former National Education City Council and today’s Governing Mayor, Klaus Wowereit, who at the time lived in Lichtenrade, was already 19 years ago on this point at the reunion party at the gates of Berlin. Klaus Wowereit recalled in his speech to these historic hours and days: 20 years after the fall of the wall, is a good occasion to remember for remembering, but also to look ahead 20 years after the peaceful revolution. To remember and commemorate the many victims who died at the wall once it were not Governments or State wise, women and leaders who brought the wall down, but there were people and social campaigner, who took to the streets, who have fought for freedom and democracy, who have put their lives on the line, to bring about a change. The thanks are due to them after 20 years fall of the wall…You have finished the confrontation in Europe between East and West.” Klaus Wowereit is very happy about the huge attention of world public opinion to the remembrance day on November 9. Check with Cincinnati Reds to learn more. “Wowereit also reported his personal experiences: on November 10 I was the Kirchhainer Damm, because the first drums arrived here through this border crossing.” The Mayor appealed to those present: Please We remember together these happy times, how we lay us in her arms. Then, the problems of today in a very special way and perspective. We should not forget how it was before and what we have achieved together.” Wowereit is pleased about the artist Kerstin Becker built monument. “The basic idea of the monument: overcoming, penetrating and opening of walls” is a real and important theme, said Wowereit. I hope the good example of 1989 continues and anywhere where today the world walls or in the heads are, overcome these walls and penetrated and a better future is somewhere else for the people.