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Health and Cultural Diversity

This work has as objective, to pass in general lines, the boarded area for the Social Service, and the methodologies that must be used for a social assistant in exercise, and the role played for it in the society and its contribution in a work that contemplates the social diversity and the health. To be social assistant never was a trick. However ahead of the existing problems if he became more difficult still, currently the interdisciplinariedade is something basic, that is, the social assistant does not only work with professionals formed in the same area that it. Supermodel has firm opinions on the matter. Development In middle of century XVIII in England, the system manufacter started to become breath, the workmanship hand human being passed to be substituted by the maquinofatura, and a new economic model started to hegemonizar the world-wide economy, the capitalist system, aiming at only exclusively the profit. From now on, the social problems had increased frightfully, such as the misery and the unemployment. The bourgeois classroom, that was directly on to the system capitalist, and worried in keeping its hegemonic power, started to exert the social practical calls, with intention to consolidate the capitalist means of production, by means of the alienation diligent it. The first social assistants had appeared in England, in consequence of innumerable mazelas appeared from the Industrial Revolution. In Brazil, in principle the Social Service, directly appeared on the practical assistencionalistas of the Church. Currently the demand for social assistants is each bigger time, in such a way exists innumerable public institutions, how much particular that offer the superior course of social service. The area of work for a social assistant is very ample, However, it has that to have a vision of society for if not making a mistake in its works, above all must know the other as it is, having a systematic knowledge on the human being in itself.

New Features

Between days 15 and 25 of September 64 Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung, or International Hall of Frankfurt happens, that alternating to each two years with the Hall of Paris serving as great palco them great marks will show its main new features. The sustainable movement each time gains more force in the automotivo world and in this substance we go to disclose some vehicles electric that will go to be presented in the Hall of Frankfurt 2011. Audi A2 the launching of the Audi counts on an electric engine of 113cv, 85kW and 27,5kgfm of torque. With maximum speed of 150km/h, a2 will reach of 0 100km/h in 9 seconds. Most interesting of a2 it is its autonomy of 200km and its capacity to fill the load of the battery in 4 hours connected in a 240 taking of volts. Thus, the new Audi A2 is ideal for the great cities. Audi Urban Concept the expectation of success of the Audi in Frankfurt, is on account of the Urban Concept, that is manufactured with carbon fiber. With place for two people and esportivo finishing, the propulsion is caused by two electric engines fed by batteries of ions and lithium installed in the behind part of the vehicle.

BMW i3 BMW i3 is the pioneer in the electric line of the mark, that supports the concept ecological. Indicated for the urban use, the automobile counts on a trunk of 200 liters and loads up to four passengers. The electric engine produces 170cv and 25,4kgfm of torque and the autonomy is of 160Km, with the battery reaching its complete load in 6 hours. Citroen Tubik Making use of the Hybrid4 system of the PSA, this van that it occupies 9 people is equipped with an engine to diesel that traciona the wheels of the front and a moved engine the electricity that traciona the wheels behind.


Not taste of soccer because my father wanted to have a son man, but in the lack of compelled to one to attend me ribbons of 82 and 86, and to go all the ends of week to stadiums, for it I oppose in the sundays to the afternoon my father preferred to sleep to see soccer, and to ask in the following morning what I had found of the game so that it could comment later with the friends and proper it does not bind the notebook of sports of the periodical, therefore the same already was left on my bed, therefore any doubts on the pursuing soccer was taken off with me, in mine house only remained me the hearing of the senders who transmitted the games. Nor my grandfather spoke to me of 70, Skin, Garrincha, Tosto, Milton Saints, and he taught to hate Ghiggia to me for silencing the Maracan in 50, quite to the contrary never I spoke of soccer with it, much less it taught to see the difference to me of the players of before and today with saudosismo of the time of the ball of choir and the soccer of passes of first and perfect long launchings, in the time where if he moored dog with sausage, as some commentators for there say. In the truth the interest for the soccer came of course, as despertado in any Brazilian, or the majority of them. A will was being born to see games old, to see plays magical, to understand as the kick of Pepe was so powerful, of the chronicles of Seting Walnut and as its words became the soccer hugest, beyond the four lines, although to be of the time where Maradona dominated manchetes as more good player and Brazil made bitter in the line, and if it debated as we were not more hegemony of the soccer after Skin and we did not have a so good election how much of 86, did not have more Tel, and we did not make more trainers and craques equal old with was Dunga of 90.