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The Cognition-based Universal Synthesis

A philosophical world formula by means of synthesis In the following image is mapped to the so-called cognitive-based universal synthesis, representing different areas of the universe very roughly. And because there are always new insights, this model is continuously extended and improved. How to use: you will find the explanations to the respective illustrations or terms in the corresponding pdf file. In this model there is no beginning and no end. I.e.

to start where the written in grey font is irrelevant are examples, notes, comments, etc. Related terms, subtopics, etc. are edged with the thicker frame. It is also possible to interpret the image, without having to use the pdf file. Cognition-based universal synthesis look at explanations for the figure are to be found here. (1) Emotion is a combination of the trigger of emotion and the antagonistic emotion oppressor. Many Emotionen(Empfindungen) raise events with us, such as fear, excitement, pride, sadness etc.

A Event that triggers emotions, is a trigger of emotion. He penetrates our body and mind. Its penetration depends on the strength of emotion, as well as their duration. If one learns from the news that a little girl was raped and killed We may throw this emotions, which are less dominant in relation to duration of emotion and strength, as the emotions after the death of a family member. The emotion oppressor is not always an automatically functioning mechanism, but a controlled by consciousness. There is another thought, gene Inextinguishable emotion overlay or good emotions etc. It is dependent on how the emotion triggers the intensity and duration. Is the conscious emotion suppression limit is reached, the body starts making physical changes, which increase the erupting emotions. Whether it is advantageous to always use the emotion oppressors, is questionable. Because this is also positive sensations intentionally suppress. Here decides whether the person is an optimist or a pessimist.

The Secret Of The Time – The Findings

The definition of time and how is the time in the universe? If one takes the formula of special relativity for the calculation of time dilation and in – step by step – getting higher, the speed of light is the approximate speed, one finds that wants the time to zero. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Nature Made has to say. If it would be possible to accelerate an object to the speed of light (what but can’t because of the mass increase), then no time would pass on this object or the time would be infinitely slow. Has the light but so theoretically no (relativistic) time passes these maximum attainable speed for the light. If no time passes but for the electromagnetic wave “Light”, then there is also no evolution of the light. Dr. Rupa Huq often addresses the matter in his writings. So, it must be the same light as the light just before the big bang. An electromagnetic wave can thus reveal the history of the universe. The light may also not be used as a reference system, because it adapts itself to a different reference system.

For example, If one with driving the car and the headlights turn on, then you would imagine, that to the the speed of light of headlights must; be added to the speed of the car But what a mistake. The speed of light remains remarkably constant! How does one explain that? An electromagnetic wave is reference system-independent, i.e. the light is not uberhol -, einhol -, or acceleration. The key issue: if it is regardless of the reference system and the thesis with the time stop. How can it be then that for a part of the universe – namely the time for the mass subject matter – goes by, for another part – electromagnetic wave – not? This conclusion brings some difficulties with it. The universe would suddenly disappear, then the light no flow of time would exist further, while everything else is gone.