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Maybe during this time you will be able to find a new solution or new idea, its chief rejects job. 3rd option: Sometimes, in order to cope with stress, it is enough to drop everything and take on a favorite hobby. This could be knitting, cooking, photography, riding in a car, but the main thing – not idleness. When a person does anything, it is more worried about what had happened, and it overpowers the more stress. A favorite thing to help forget about the problem or dull the sensation of stress. 4th option: Meditation and prayer are also very help with stress.

Remain in silence and clear your mind of all negative thoughts. Religious people can simply pray. Prayer will help to calm down, and a higher power will come to your rescue. 5 way: Think about the stress and impossible to laugh at the same time. So turn on the funny favorite movie and a couple of minutes, allow yourself pohohotat. And after return safely to work. Do not hesitate – you will release stress.

6 way: The stress in any case you can not drink coffee, but rather make some tea hot, soothing herb. While you are cooking, anxious thoughts you released, and its use to fix the result. Making nice, you raise yourself up. 7 way: There are at hand bag? Beat it up to you! With each stroke of the stress you will go. This applies to men who have stress occurred over a woman. Beating a pillow and releasing stress, you already can discuss a more softer with the weaker sex of your problems. Agree, it is much better than to feel guilty at the sight of the broken faces of your women. Stress will be held, and its consequences (if you do not apply the pillow) will remain for a long time. 8 way: During stress, breathing quickens our own, it becomes less deep. Pay attention to your breathing. Focus on that restore it. This can be done, combining prayer and meditation. Breathe in the stomach, but not the breast. The main thing to calm your body and mental calmness will come of itself.

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