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The Beavers Come!

Press release: Naturefund begins a new land purchase project for the protection of the Beaver. In southern Hesse, Germany, right on the border with Bavaria, Naturefund wants to buy together with the society for nature conservation and floodplain development about 4,000 square meters for the Beaver. In Hesse, Germany, Europe’s largest rodent disappeared already in the 19th century. Only a reintroduction of Elbe Beavers in the main-Kinzig-Kreis in the years 1987 and 1988 brought him back. The beaver is the only animal that makes its Habitat itself, building castles, as well as dams and dam water.

Beavers alter the landscape, set meadows under water and cut large trees. No wonder, then, that they were a thorn in the eyes of the farmers. Where they appeared, they were fiercely driven. In Hesse, the last Beaver died in the 19th century. Twenty years ago, the society for nature conservation and floodplain development started (short: GNA) together with the Hessian nature protection agency a beaver project.

Between 1987 and 1988, nineteen Elbe-Beaver were exposed on the sense and Jossa in the sense Valley streams. The settlement succeeded in immediately. Meanwhile, over 130 Beaver in the region could be detected. The beaver is a skilled landscape architect. A water depth of 50-80 cm is important for the beavers. The water is too shallow, he rounded up 70 cm high dams of branches and branches up to 1 m, which he seals off with mud and plant parts. Thus, he regulates the water level. The Beaver from branches and twigs to build his castles. The input must be always under water, to dive quickly to danger. A mosaic of flowing and standing water occurs, accompanied by alluvial forest as well as a dense herbaceous and soft wood vegetation. There are habitats, which have almost disappeared with us. Since the Beaver in the main-Kinzig-Kreis came back, the biodiversity on the Beaver area increased rapidly. A part of the Beaver in the sense Valley is located in the State of Bavaria and was already placed under conservation. A somewhat smaller area located on Hessian soil and is still privately owned. This area wants to buy Naturefund together with the GNA and thus the entire Protect the sense Valley Beaver country. In the future, the area is no longer editable and left to themselves. Again, Naturefund financed the purchase of the area through sponsorships. Already with 5 EUR, godfathers and godmothers to protect permanently 4 square meters for the beavers. Learn more about the Beaver project see: country Godfather photo material to the press release you will find under: press news Katja Wiese, Naturefund e. V.


Sustainable dog training thanks to trusting togetherness agility, Flyball and the target object search ZOS are just three of the years most popular dog sports worldwide. All these physical and mental activities for dog and man the purpose, between mistress, harmony to ensure master and the four-legged friends. Just a carefree everyday life and mutually respectful treatment are to ensure. Already at the early age of the dog should be taken on a reasonable exercise. It is physically as mentally, to deal with the equipment and the power of the dog, and thereby to train. Request and support is clearly in the foreground at the dog sport. With the necessary vigour and a corresponding ambition of dog and human, desire for movement and learning of the man’s best friend can be quenched long-term and sustainable. Dog sports is team work even though first and foremost the sporting dog sport in the foreground, allowed the improvement of the dog human relationship not neglect.

Dog sport means each other carefree time to experience and to master exercises together. Binding to the people is very important for the dog. The four-legged Gets a feeling of partnership and heat, which positively affects the General behavior of the dog. A completely different and more intensive relationship is established through the active cooperation, during which time both dog and man learn the partner and thus in future better able to assess him. Together for a more relaxing day In the center that stands apart and together learning. Which is also Rita Mollenkamp dog school Ritas dogs ABC aware.

Together with their students, the dog trainer tries always to maintain the balance between mental and physical development. Greven’s dog school there go her agility, Flyball, Treibball or the target object search, ZOS not speed and sporting excellence, but the fun dog sports. Just as a healthy relationship between dog and man can be built. Progress will be in everyday life always again clearly perceived: a more relaxed and respectful handling significantly loosens the atmosphere between mistresses, masters, and four-legged friends.