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A woman when she is protected, it has tremendous power. Converse is also true, a woman who is forced to defend herself, melts quickly, losing in front of beauty, health, mentally and physically exhausted. And if the young years, this is how it can work out something, you get older a woman is very difficult to be alone and without protection. The true sense of security and protection of the woman gives a man. As a child, the father, then – husband, and in old age – an adult son. Jim Nelson pursues this goal as well. Of course, there may be other variations, especially in these difficult times, but it is important to understand the most important thing, the defense always comes from men and women is a natural position to be protected. For even more analysis, hear from Cincinnati Reds. K Unfortunately, nowadays more and more women are compelled to take responsibility for themselves to earn, make their own decisions. Moreover, women have less hope for the remains of men, more and more difficult to find serious support, and strong half of humanity also, unfortunately, all the fun, but serious.

But who then is perhaps not joking. In addition, by itself can not escape, sooner or later, at some point in time each of us understands what needs to be stability, reliability and support. The main thing is to understand and do not miss a moment of truth, do not start blaming yourself for such thoughts, do not be afraid of their weakness. Further, perhaps come to understand that it is time to get married and if married, might want to reconsider their attitude to her beloved man.

Counseling Psychologist

Every day, nearly every one of us, there are mood swings or mild stress. 'Blame' in that you can work problems, stress or conflict in the family and friends. We often hide their problems, although they are very noticeable to others. And you did not think it's better to tell someone about their experiences? It's best not to hold a grievance and experiences, then it may be caused by depression. Depression called the human condition at which it loses the meaning of life, considered himself the worst and hoping for the best. You may find Cincinnati Reds to be a useful source of information. Of course, you do not want to find yourself in this position.

You can ask the advice of good friends or relatives, but it does not always give the desired result, in this case requires a professional who knows his business. Psychological help can help you solve your problems, but if you have a running state, then one session is necessary. The doctor carefully and quietly listen to you, understand your condition and you will begin to 'cure'. How did he do it? It will not solve your problem, it will only push for a solution. The most important point is that you must understand that you need help psychologist, otherwise everything will be done in vain. Find a good psychologist is not always easy to get caught are not very competent person. Need to consider several things when choosing.

In that case, if you start searching yourself, then you should pay attention to what you are promised a refund if there is no effect. Also, each psychologist has his direction. This may be a child or family psychologist. Resist promises, which referred to a speedy recovery. Of great importance is a comment about the fact that includes a sum for the service. By the way, usually consultations are not more than an hour. These recommendations will be fully enough to find and choose a competent professional who can help you. However, it is best to try to 'promptly' rid themselves of mental problems, or they will just pile up and you will already be beyond the power of their solve.


The beginning of love is not computed is not controlled by the mind – it flares up suddenly and "somehow". It makes us suffer and can give the best gifts that can get people. Take a look around. It just seems around that is full of "opportunities". In fact, the choice we face is extremely rare. Typically, in a certain period of time, we "offered" a single person. As a rule, we pay for it attention because it corresponds to our tastes. Even in a situation where, apparently, in humans, "options" a dime a dozen, this is not the case.

For example, a free man gets a job in the department where the vast majority of workers – women. It would seem that the choice for him. But it turns out, one woman – married, he does not like the other, a third do not like it. And there is only one, which is a way, him and liked it. For him (and for him) – is only one option. Most interesting is that outside of work and he and she – like the current situation at work.

That is, the circle of contenders and pretenders is extremely limited. Look at the situation that happened in your life – You will find this a strange pattern. Remember the hero of the film "Moscow does not believe in tears", which, in response to the question of character, why he came, replied simply, no frills – "pulls"? And though he himself later felt that "Pulled" its not there, not to the man, in fact, everything was correct. Life turned out to be wiser, nature, the body perceived "message". This may sound strange, but basically people are doomed to happiness. Unless, of course, willing to pay for their happiness for the happiness tsenu.Plata appropriate fee for happiness – quite the real thing. And this is true. Man wants to get something, but for this he must do something to give. If you want warmth, you get it if the money – it is not excluded. But in order to get something, and another, and perhaps a third to pay very much. Agree to give up their time? To break off relations with friends who do not recognize your choice? Can withstand the pressure of parents, unfriendly tuned to your beloved one? Able to change their views? Ready to learn how to give? May have to shoulder the weight of a hassle for the material ensure your family? Yes and yes again! – Bravely we speak. – If only a longed-for happiness! But in fact, often we are weak people, if not before surrendering the first, then to the second or third difficulty. Of course, we absolve ourselves from responsibility, saying to himself: "He was not what I thought," "She's changed." Nothing has changed! People generally change very rarely. Just love has gone. We did not want pay for their happiness, and it left us.