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The comfort and the search for better quality of life in the wild fazemconsumidores. This consumption in turn, in them becomes producers deenormes volumes of garbage that in the times gifts, if present as intriguing dasmais threats to our existence in the face of the planet. Senator From Kentucky describes an additional similar source. Essasituao is determining a world-wide trend in search to find formasque minimizes the garbage generation, either by means of the production/sales of produtosdos which remains the possible minimum of residues, either for the reduction, reuses e/oureciclagem of the used materials to pack the industrialized products. The conceptual reprogramming of products and in special of suasembalagens, must be white of the concern of the business leaders, assimcomo the stimulaton its reduction, reutilizao and separation for recycling. The support and the collection of public politics that contemplate oestmulo and the awareness of the population, the development of programs decoleta selective, for the governmental bodies but to exactly time the aosocialmente responsible of the companies, keeping its proper nuclei of triagemde you recycle in such a way to contribute for reduction of the volume and the cost dagesto of urban residues.

All these initiatives are essential, in case that contrary, as it foresees the Agency European of the Environment: ' ' & the volume of production of the urban residues to deveraumentar in 25% up to 2005. Still according to same Agency, the increase darecuperao of residues and the shunting line of the aterros play a role essencialpara to make face to the ambient impact of produced deresduos a permanent addition of the volume. Having in account an increased use of the recycling and daincinerao with recovery of the energy, diminuamconsideravelmente one diminuamconsideravelmente expects that the liquid emissions degases with resultant effect greenhouse of the management of urban residues up to 2020. The limitation of the volume of residues will also produce outrosbenefcios, such as the reduction of the costs of the management of residues, diminuioda atmospheric pollution (with particles and oxides nitrogen) and the reduction sonorous dapoluio related with the collect and transport of residues.