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Sports Equipment

In a corral it must of having a single rooster, since if there is more, the hens walk revolts too much, and that never is good for the colectivity. To a trainer with the sufficient personality and capacity of direction, the pulse at the time of taking certain disciplinary measures never shakes to him, when it reaches the conclusion that determined players with star label, that often creates to be it, but they do not arrive at it and they even remain very far from this denomination, put in danger the coexistence within clothes and therefore they are in excess detrimental for the good operation of the group, since with its little professional behavior, make be in danger the total development than we know like equipment, that as very well it is known, it has like basic concept that within a group all work to the benefit of all and it does not stop its personal interests, only looking for the individual reward. If a trainer, either technician in basic categories, fans or professionals, allows by his lack of leadership capacity, by carelessness, cowardice or other interests inconfensables, that the considered players figures, look for their own lucimiento, having like unique flag the personal egoism, that takes to them to emphasize on the others over everything, without concerning the minimum benefit to them of the group to which they belong, is demonstrating their total ineptitude to direct to a colectivity, or a football team or the polifnica chorale of their town. Within an equipment, nobody can be more important that the own equipment. And in the case of soccer it gives equal as the soccer player is called, although is the best one of the world. The group is not for serving the individualities, the individual is the one that is always at the disposal of the group.