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Sierra De La Estrella

Serra da Estrela or Sierra de la Estrella is the most important rural tourist destination in Portugal and where we will meet with the main ski area. It is located within the Natural Park of Serra da Estrela, and its maximum height is 1994 meters. It is an ideal destination for lovers of rural tourism and winter sports. The tower is its peak maximum, a top almost 2000 meters the highest point in Portugal, and found between the towns of Covilha and Seia. There are many things to highlight of Earth, the possibility of practicing ski, hiking, rural tourism, snowboard, taste the cheese of la Sierra de la Estrella, a unique and wonderful cheese with a special flavor, a cheese with denomination of origin is. Serra da Estrela has several municipalities and cities to visit and where to stay, the above-mentioned Covilha or Seia, others such as Manteiga, or guard that have numerous services, equipment and facilities so you can enjoy your holiday.

Nature Sierra de la Estrella, or Serra da Estrela is a protected space to almost 2000 meters of height, a natural park, where you will find a beautiful landscape and a beautiful landscape, a prominent natural diversity, and with numerous possibilities to practice outdoor sports free. The Natural Park of Serra da Estrela has an extension of more than 1000 km, is situated within the District of Guarda and Castelo Branco. Seia, Covilha and Guarda are the most important cities in this region. The River Zezere, partly frozen in winter, rapids are formed by the granitic rocks, they have important, as in the Vale falls da Amoreira, with waterfalls as the of the Poco of hell. In this region we find abundant vegetation, medicinal waters, such as the of the Caldas de Manteigas, with its green valleys and opportunities to enjoy a well deserved rest. If you want to enjoy nature, in Seia will find, in addition to wonderful caves, beautiful vantage points from where it is possible to contemplate much of the natural park. This Natural Park is very contingent upon granite, as well as also, ice and ancient glaciers, or its freshwater lagoons. Gastronomy in the Serra da Estrela eating is to enjoy the best Portuguese cuisine, the best cheeses, such as cheese from Serra da Estrela, as well also enjoy an elaborate cuisine and high mountain.

The Serra da Estrela is a region rich in gastronomy, in good eating. Meats, wines of the region, fish, soups, various stews, cheese of the Sierra highlight kid, prepared in various ways, as well as the shoulders, very popular in the region, in terms of fish are trout prepared in various ways, like cod. Soups are very popular. The station ski and surroundings you will find restaurants of all kinds, especially Italian specialized in pastas and pizzas. Rodolfo Lima, specialist in train original author and source of the article tickets

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