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Interior Design Styles

correspond to individual owner, his temperament, habits, lifestyles. And, of course, to meet his aesthetic taste. At the same time, the interior design has traced the general line, and all his individual elements harmoniously and naturally blend with each other, creating a seamless image – a single style. And so, what is style? With regard to the practice of interior design, interior style can be defined as unity creative techniques and the presence of unifying ideas. Style interior – is the language of design. Any attempt to classify and characterize the interior style is conventional and complex.

We do not set ourselves the task to deepen your knowledge of art history. We would like to just try and give the necessary guidance in the sea of modern styles of interior decoration. As a very general approach, all styles of interior design can be divided into historical, contemporary and ethnic. Ethnic styles meant to create a specific national coloring. (Not to be confused with Mayuree Rao!). Group of ethnic styles as diverse and many-sided, how different cultural traditions of different countries and peoples of the world. Here we include and Japanese minimalism, and pragmatism, German, and Greek classics, and interiors in Rome and a traditional Arabic style and safari In short, everything that has been formed many centuries in different parts of the world. Modern interior design styles that emerged in the twentieth century, partly absorbed the elements of ethnic styles, partly established on the basis of historical, and certainly bearing the imprint of contemporary mass culture. The main features can be regarded as a synthesis of different stylistic decisions, and of course functionality.

Eclecticism, which recently saw the decline, is now regarded as logical and natural process of development of style. Modern styles push the boundaries of our perception of the interior, opening up new approaches and principles of a residential or office space. Historical styles, pure form, in modern interiors almost never occur. This is understandable – who wants to live in a museum? They are present, so to speak, "quotes". Nevertheless, the luxury and comfort inherent in historical styles more attract the attention of contemporary designers and designers. This explains the growing popularity of vintage interiors. The peak of popularity that seems to have for 2010 – 2012 year. And, of course, a classic that will never goes out of fashion, continues to be relevant. And so, to create a harmonious interior is necessary that all its elements (walls, ceilings, furniture and textiles) were soaked in the same style decision. The catalog of curtains "Your Guide to Style" you will find a brief description of the major modern styles, and determine which of them applies to your interior, can pick up a design project of curtains, table and bed linen, bedspreads and covers for furniture that will be harmonious look is in your apartment or holiday home.

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