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The most important franchises on the industry issue a fresh delivery every year. Some players can and want to follow the trail of the companies buying the new titles, some don t. To remind the users that their old titles are still active online, Microsoft publishes a report with the weekly activity of Xbox Live. From the most played online 20 titles of Xbox 360 the week of September 20, first person shooters were eight: three from the Halo franchise, three from Call Of Duty, one from Battlefield and one from Left for Dead. In USA, the best sold games are, regularly, on the sports genre. With a remark on the franchises developed by Electronic Arts based on the FIFA, NFL, NBA and NHL franchises.

Since they have a huge market share, it is logical that they were the most played. Why are there so few genres and companies? Because, precisely, they have focused on developing their games around the online experience in order to captivate the user s attention. December seasons will be empty handed if we talk about third person shooters. Sega Vanquish s was launched, but its creator, Shinji Mikami, decided not to include online so the users could focus on the single player campaign modes.

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