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Educating Dogs

It is very important that during this one alive period with people of different ages, mainly young, also with other dogs and other animal like cats, rabbits, turtles, etc. If never does it will be able to coexist healthily with them, will always have coexistence problems. For example if your puppy did not coexist with children during this one stage, it is probable that it never accepts them and even can attack them in the future. I recommend you that him DES much attention to this one point; since to neglect this one subject it is that displeased facts happen in which young they are attacked by dogs. 5) Like Educating a Dog: ” Punishment and recompensa” An excellent method to educate your dog is the one of Castigo and Recompensa.La Reward is an pleasant stimulation, a positive reinforcement that we realised immediately of a certain correct behavior that has our dog; which we want that it gets used to realising. Get more background information with materials from Vitamin World. For example: to congratulate it and to even caress it intensely, ” apretujarlo” and to indicate with the voice a great joy to him by its obedience. The Punishment is a disagreeable stimulation, an adverse agreement, a negative reinforcement to persuade the dog to that it does not return to realise a certain act or conduct. It is fundamental to know that the punishment must be applied immediately after the action that is wanted to inhibit, if we make several minutes after the fact the dog will not be able to interpret because reason is punished it.

Punishment remembers does not mean to strike it, one of the best punishments is to shout strongly NOT to him! and to shake it of the skin of the part superior of the neck elevating it a little the ground, this is quite familiar for the dog since of this one form her mother punished during her period of breast-feeding. Also you prune to use to give him to blows ” Newspaper enrollado” ; this one long ago noise scares and it without hurting it. Nature Care describes an additional similar source. Also him something can be thrown that makes much noise like for example one barks with stones in its interior. If the dog one lies down and belly for above is put is submission sign and of which it included/understood at this moment reason why it must stop the punishment. If on the contrary it is defended and it faced to you you will have to insist until it is put under. In summary; tens that to demonstrate to your dog who is the one that sends in your house, if he does not recognize your authority will want to prevail like ” Lder” and this will cause that much is complicated the coexistence with all the family. With this one basic information already podras to be responding your question on Like Educating a Dog, is muhco more than you need to learn and with taste I am going to be sharing this one information little by little.


The key question is Who? Level 3-Las Beliefs and the Values: The beliefs are the personal affirmations that we considered true. They affect that perception that we have of we ourself, of people, the world and the universe that surrounds to us. The S-values convictions that (generally) are invariable, stay in ours life: the honesty, justice, the love, La Paz, the freedom we move on the basis of the values and in addition a hierarchy of values exists. The beliefs respond to the question why? And the values to the question why? Level the 4 – Capacities: This level has to do with our competitions and aptitudes those that we used in our life and involves our behaviors. We respond to the question how to do? Level 5-El Behavior or conduct: One talks about to the actions and precise behaviors that we carried out Remite to the question what? , and more concretely what to do? Level 6-El Surroundings: he is everything what it surrounds to us, that one to which we reacted and all those people with whom we made contact with enemy. Some useful questions to raise to us when we want to draw conclusions and to improve in this level: where? , when? , with whom? , we wished to reach the objective. It raises the restrictions and opportunities. Any incongruity is pronounced in having some level disaligned with respect to another one a person who is naturista doctor and advises to eat healthy simultaneously and is exceeded weight, or smokes, is somebody that is expressing an incongruity in some of these levels (for example between which it creates and as it behaves in fact) Following with this reasoning in PNL says that a person is congruent when she issues the same message in all the levels.