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The key question is Who? Level 3-Las Beliefs and the Values: The beliefs are the personal affirmations that we considered true. They affect that perception that we have of we ourself, of people, the world and the universe that surrounds to us. The S-values convictions that (generally) are invariable, stay in ours life: the honesty, justice, the love, La Paz, the freedom we move on the basis of the values and in addition a hierarchy of values exists. The beliefs respond to the question why? And the values to the question why? Level the 4 – Capacities: This level has to do with our competitions and aptitudes those that we used in our life and involves our behaviors. We respond to the question how to do? Level 5-El Behavior or conduct: One talks about to the actions and precise behaviors that we carried out Remite to the question what? , and more concretely what to do? Level 6-El Surroundings: he is everything what it surrounds to us, that one to which we reacted and all those people with whom we made contact with enemy. Some useful questions to raise to us when we want to draw conclusions and to improve in this level: where? , when? , with whom? , we wished to reach the objective. It raises the restrictions and opportunities. Any incongruity is pronounced in having some level disaligned with respect to another one a person who is naturista doctor and advises to eat healthy simultaneously and is exceeded weight, or smokes, is somebody that is expressing an incongruity in some of these levels (for example between which it creates and as it behaves in fact) Following with this reasoning in PNL says that a person is congruent when she issues the same message in all the levels.