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Parking Maremagnum

Clients, and in this case, the works carried out by Resitec Tiana, offer guarantees necessary to have access to their services and guarantee the quality and specialization in this type of flooring. Among others, we can highlight: CNN, Burberrys, Esteve laboratories and Lab. Almirall, Lab. Lacer, Lab. Prodesfarma, Lab. Uriach, Lab.

Zambon, Body-Esthetic Laboratories, Delphi Systems, Espuna, Subirats, sausages Noel, Costa Freda (Panrico), 3JP Nestle, Micro-Natural, Tecnivall Europe, Tecsolpar Oviedo, rock, Estamp, group Tunnel (discos), Ford Sabadell, Transports Ciutat Comptal (Preufet), Teatre Mercadal and Sa Vinyeta (Antonio Gomila, S.A.), Macuesa (Butsier), hospital San Juan de Dios, Cima clinic, Hospital Igualada, Colegio Marista Immaculate, TMB Barcelona, clinica Quiron (Dragados-vias), Orotana watersCavas Llopart, Cavas Codorniu, Freixenet, Parking Maremagnum CAR Center of high performance of Sant Cugat, Viacar 2000 (Mazda), Sacid-korda s, Girona Airport (Comsa), Mier (model.model), kitchen Ferran Adria, etc., that contributes to the total enterprise warranty and trust. For more information: Resitec Tiana, S.L. C / Can Bruguera, 3-5, 08391 Tiana, Barcelona phone: 93 579 98 42 about Resitec Tiana Resitec Tiana, s.l. company specializing in application of continuous paving of resin offers solutions to needs that occur in their facilities. Our experience in continual flooring surfaces is more than 15 years in the market.

Our main sectors are construction, heavy industry, laboratories and food. Our objectives are to provide solutions to solve the problems caused in soils by chemical, mechanical wear, as well as the inevitable deterioration caused by the course of the years. In addition to a personal study of the area to determine the support status and advise the appropriate system, guarantee a stability and proper functioning of the chosen pavement.

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