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Eurorepair: Downside

The variety of different products on the market of construction materials is difficult to navigate and make the right choice. This article is about safe and healthy building materials. Sometimes, that after returning home to their cozy "nest", a person begins to suffer from headaches, coughing, sneezing, uncomfortable feel. Often the reason for such ailments – environmentally hazardous finishing materials artificial origin. They look stylish and expensive to comply with the standards of fashion nowadays, "European-quality repair, do not require complex care, but it undermines our health. And sometimes they do it discreetly.

Some artificial materials such as fiberboard, chipboard, glass, oil paints and varnishes, various kinds of plastics such as pvc, polyurethane and finishing materials on its basis, and many other isolated the space around a pair consisting of different chemicals: phenol, formaldehyde, toluene, benzene, and the like giving rise to a whole bunch of chronic diseases. Therefore, the construction or repair should be extremely careful with the selection of construction and finishing materials. What materials can be considered environmentally friendly, and what does not? Building materials can be environmentally friendly and can give off harmful substance. For construction and repair is desirable to choose safe products. Most of all, meet the criteria for environmental, natural materials used by man since ancient times. This wood and stone. These construction materials are absolutely safe for human health. And the stone and wood – renewable materials: when used properly, these resources over time, they are fully restored. But for Modern construction of natural materials are suitable, unfortunately, not always because of the significant drawbacks: so, the tree has a low fire and not strong enough.

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