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Carnival of Roses

Carnival of Roses: from 3 to 7 March 2011 each time the famous Roses Caranval is most popular, and this 2011 will not be less. Approximately involved some 6,000 organizers (or more) and go approximately 50,000 spectators who enjoy like no event. This Carnival is, without doubt, the most colorful of the Emporda, the name of the region of the Costa Brava, where the small town of Roses is located. The Carnival is celebrated des 18th century every year. The typical festivals are ballroom dancing costumes, the Xocolatada (chocolate) for children, the competence of tortillas, and music and dancing in the streets. Obviously, during the carnival also occur to the King and Queen and numerous parades take place over 5 days.

Then the activities prepared for this year shall be named: you can rent an apartment or House in the Costa Brava, Roses or any people around, to asisir to the Carnival. Without a doubt, laquiler apartments are an economical choice… Thursday, March 3 to Friday, March 4 Thursday is the day that begins the Carnival, at 10.00. In the morning, he could not begin otherwise than with the arrival of King Carnestoltes, who makes his entrance in the SUF room. Then at 3 p.m.

against the Ciutadela, begins the first parade. Official activities will be held at 9 pm. Saturday at 4 pm there is a parade of children in costumes to 6 pm activities are carried out with the child animation group and claim to be the King and Queen of Carnival 2011 among children. Finally, at night, in the sports centre of roses and Frederic Rahola plaza, two festivals are conducted: the first with much dancing and the second with the so-called dancing with the band. Sunday, March 6, a parade of children and one adult are organized on Sunday at noon. In the Frederic Rahola square, afternoon (about 6 p.m.), is problem the King and Queen of the third age of Carnival. Late in the afternoon is also a concert in the Plaza Vella Peix, and at night there are night parties, from 23.00, just like on Saturday. Monday, 7 in March the last day of the Carnival in Roses. This estradicion day eat paella. At 6 p.m., from Plaza Cataluna and ending at the Frederic Rahola plaza, is the output of the funeral procession of the Carnestoltes and the burial of the sardine. One of the advantages if these in Barcelona and you want to get close to the Costa Brava, is that there is good public transportation options. Spend a day in Roses and see the animated Carnivalesque atmosphere is a unique experience, even if you stay in Barcelona. Look at some of the following apartments in Barcelona if you want to stay in the city of Barcelona.

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