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Word Meditation

Meditation allows us to focus attention on one thing every time. hares-inc/’>TCF Capital Solutions mentions similar findings. To deepen your understanding Gunnar Peterson is the source. It is a kind of self-discipline that increases efficiency in set and achieve a goal and improve self-esteem. It can be used in the spontaneous problems resolution. It was found that meditation is effective to create a State of deep relaxation in a relatively short time span. The metabolism of the organism are slowing, decreasing oxygen consumption, carbon dioxide production, respiratory rate, heart rate and blood pressure. Also reduces the amount of lactic acid (a substance produced by the metabolism of skeletal muscle and associated with anxiety and stress). It has been shown that alpha brain waves present in the State of relaxation deep, increases in intensity and frequency. It is thought that this state of relaxation, which is reached in meditation, is the result of focus on one thing, since the amount of stimuli internal and external to the Agency which must respond is reduced significantly.

A good meditation is essential: be quiet (especially when you’re learning), external stimuli must be reduced to the maximum to avoid distractions, we should adopt a position commode, in which we will have to remain for twenty minutes without discomfort; We must choose an object on which to concentrate, a Word, a sound, a feeling, or a particular thought. Meditation should be avoided after a generous meal, because digestion interferes with the ability of relaxation and care. Section health will find guided meditation techniques to achieve a long life in total equilibrium and harmony; In addition to other items of quality checked for the care of the body, mind and spirit.

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