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Volkssport Federation IVV

There are no set times, the pace determines the group itself. The seventh hike in Reinickendorf, but not yet approved. Once you have all the permits for the opening of routes, trail name and meeting place to be announced. Also selected individual routes can be run or not each trail must be completed. Hikers get their scoring punch for the popular sports badge upon request for each individual hiking route according to the rules of the IVV. Responsible and information: Horst Zander, Tel 030 37 58 49 14, fax 030 37 58 49 16,. Information: Gunter Weissenborn, Tel 030 433 75 19 Monday 08.03.2010 nature, art and history, (RB, RE) station Dahlewitz, 11 or 18 km Tuesday 09.03.2010 Citadel City Berlin-Spandau, Spandau beer well, monastery Street 5, 13581 Berlin-Spandau, 10 km Wednesday 10.03.2010 Berlin’s historical center. (S, RB, RE) Bhf.Alexanderplatz inlet area theater box office, 12 km Thursday 11.03.2010 Konigs Wusterhausen, (S, RB, RE) station Konigs Wusterhausen, tourist information, 12 or 22 miles from Friday March 12, 2010 through the historical Potsdam, (S, RB, RE) station, Potsdam, Potsdam station, Mall, bridges course, field box office, 11 miles Saturday March 13, 2010 Bull Grabenweg Spandau beer well, Klosterstrasse 5,13581 Berlin – Spandau, 12 km Sunday 14.03.2010 route still called meeting point hike in the Mackeritzwiesen and Jungfernheide is still named 78.

IVV hiking day of touring Spandau e.V.. International hiking 13.05.2010. hiking with the Association of the AWO Berlin – North West, and the touring Spandau e.V.. The trekking Association is member of the German public sports association DVV and hence the international Volkssport Federation IVV. Continue to learn more with: Houston Astros. The routes 5 and 10 km length lead along specially marked routes.

No set hours. Everyone can take part and is also invited, also without binding on clubs or associations. Not only hikers, also Nordic walkers are welcome. Be and remain active in the great outdoors.

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