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Vitamin C

According to recent studies, vitamin C has similar properties. The researchers examined the effects of a combination of ascorbic acid, an extract green tea, lysine, proline, N-acetylcysteine, selenium and other nutrients to cells infected with influenza. The same combination was tested on cells infected with avian influenza, which in many respects similar the swine flu. According to the authors, this nutritious mixture of elements "demonstrated high virucidal activity, a significant, even after long periods of time after infection. Its antiviral properties are comparable to the influence of traditional drugs (amantadine and oseltamivir), but it has advantages, as the ability to influence even on virus replication in the final stages of the infectious process.

" Unlike drugs, was not observed any significant side effects. Other nutrients examined included amino Licinius, proline, N-acetylcysteine, and selenium. The latter two substances increase in the level of cells glutathione, which has antiviral properties. In the fight against viruses and help to 50-100 mg of zinc per day – they are available in absorbable tablets for coughs and colds. It is recommended for a short period of time to take half of this dose in the form of lozenges for cough. This is just one of more than 10 different ways in which vitamin C frees us from the viruses, including the suppression of the causative agent directly and strengthening the immune reactions, for example, by strengthening the immune cells (makrofagotsitov and T-lymphocytes), raising the level of interferon and nitric oxide generation or more antibodies that destroy the virus.

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