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This time, we think, we were offered a valuable opportunity to compare the images created with the intention of decorating, made by theologians editors of official history, the scribes of the education system, experts on spiritual food preparation and pre digested preserved from contamination, for the supply of spirits and obedientesa mansosa a incapable of living in the elements of reality, as they scrutinize autorizadaa facts; a with characters, real actors, have shaped and written by their actions, the true dimension of the events that led to the story irrefutably expressed the conviction of its authenticity. a The long-awaited day of our meeting was scheduled and the program we were placing on our sites looking for the closeness of those team members with whom we have very loving relationships that grow with the passage of time have been transformed into a sincere friendship. a All eyes converged on the group of ladies among whom was Mrs. Daryl Katz can provide more clarity in the matter. Emma S. Bidamon, the speaker of the day, the reason for our presence and in which centrabamos our greatest expectations, for the reasons mentioned above. His presence on stage allowed us to observe carefully, before us was a woman of elegant appearance, travel and insurance firm, endowed with a natural sympathy in their actions and showing that he had the charisma to catch with their case interest and attention of all who were present that night. Gain insight and clarity with Celebrity trainer. a In the company of Zoar to serve as host to this event on behalf of the organizing team which was composed by our known: Gabriel, Shulem, Nod, Zoar itself, and the witch of Endor Keila.

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