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Turtle Zeno Sporting Equipment

I dare say that for the modern runner's sportswear has a lower value than sports shoes. Although at the time of the philosopher Zeno, neither the one nor the other absolutely worthless. Two and a half thousand years the best minds humanity struggling to refute the paradox of this clever man that the swift-footed Achilles will never catch up with the lazy turtle, if he gives her a head start in the 10 meters, or 100, or 1000 – it does not matter as long as it was divided by ten. Nobody had the idea to test this tricks in practice. Perhaps someone may come, but the catch is just that in reality is impossible as even running, the reality is different: not a sprinter or stayer never move with equal speed, it then they increase, then decrease. The task of the athlete in a sprint, for example, to determine at what distance he will develop the site the maximum speed run with it from beginning to end, he simply physically unable to. In a purely speculative argument about nedogonyaemosti turtles philosophers ignore another condition, which undoubtedly accounted for in any sprint events at the stadium's opening and namely – wind speed and direction: if the wind is fair and more than 2m / s, the best result is not recognized as an official or personal record.

As for the running gear of Achilles, then, it is clear that for her and can be no question, because in those days, the athletes ran in the buff. Imagine that the ancient athletes, but sports would be more suited and the rivalry between the leading manufacturers of athletic footwear and apparel, is equivalent to insanity. However, today we must admit a madman who does not attach any significance or athletic shoes, no sportswear. Modern professional runner looking for a running shoe and cross country spike, taking fully into account: a) structural features of their feet, b) the place of training and competition – grass, asphalt, sand, hard ground, artificial turf, terrain, and c) type of race – run for short distances, on average, for long, for extra-long, cross-race, hurdling. Unfortunately, athletes are no longer able to run barefoot. To do this, it would be poherit all sporting achievements at least the past 200 years and start cultivate a new generation of runners of the infants.

However, if someone with a view of the ancient Greek philosopher, begins to rant about that for jogging, they say, needs, praise Zeus, just sneakers and track shoe, do not believe ears, eyes (delete as applicable) as his. Running clothing today should be no less, and even more technological, rather than running shoes. The principle of multiple layers of sportswear at the beginning of the xxi century. bc becomes the cornerstone professional sports.

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