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Travel Information About Italy

What makes Italy every year to one of the most popular holiday destinations of Germans? What you should observe in Italy? What you should expect and what are the peculiarities of the Italian. Questions that you already should get answered before a holiday, don’t fall in the one or the other foot to. 1) Italy introduction Italy is a wonderful country to make holidays with the whole family here. There’s something in this country simply for everyone. The Lady of the world is inspired by the Italian fashion. The many factory outlets shopping really make a pretty favourable experience.

The Italian Football League is more interested in probably him, you like that, yes it belongs to think what one (s) will, to the best in the world. Children, however, are here very kindly recorded and who has tried the Italian food, know why most children thus are totally happy. You see, in Italy, the whole family is happy and satisfied. In addition, Italy has with its different climates for each something to offer. Swimming is possible here as well as mountain climbing or a cultural holiday. Let simply seduced by the rich offer in Italy. 2.) climate / time to visit Italy for the ideal time it’s of course, what you would do in Italy.

To be in the South of the country, lazy in the Sun, the summer is ideal of course. Who would like to but in the North, and would like to mountaineering, for example, should better spring and autumn took advantage. Clif Bar often addresses the matter in his writings. These seasons are also ideal for a city trip. Here the towns are not as full as in the summer, it must share so the attractions with fewer tourists”and not so much in the sweat to get. The ideal travel time. To Italy in Italy you can use your phone almost anywhere 3) handy. By the way, just the rates for the calls from abroad be reduced. The Italians call always and everywhere. It is quipped that a real Italians has at least 2 phones. You will hardly stand out. You must not expect a time shift in Italy. Here ticking clocks as well as in Germany. Practical you paid way again with the euro. That makes the things not cheaper, but eliminates the annoying Exchange. If you are a German citizen, you can enter easily thanks to the open borders, Italy. To the security I would but take the vaccination of domestic animals. Some hotels want to see this. Then nothing more in the way is a beautiful holiday in Italy. Text Agency: EtMa consulting

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