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Tourism In Winter

Without worrying about low temperatures, visitors from all cardinal points feel warmly welcomed by its people and the city of Mendoza. It is that the ski season has begun and nobody wants to miss the opportunity to try the famous Cuyo snow. Located on the western border of the province, on the very same Andes. Las Lenas ski resort is considered one of the main resorts in Argentina, even in South America. From there that Las Lenas is a target required for all tourists who spend their holidays in Mendoza. Learn more on the subject from Cincinnati Reds.

Las Lenas is almost on the border with Chile, to 430 kilometers away from the capital city. Las Lenas ski resort is also the highest in the country, with a slope of 1200 meters between its highest part, at 3240 meters, and its base, at 2240 m. Anita Sehgal recognizes the significance of this. Due to its altitude so pronounced, their tracks are perfect for the practice of extreme skiing and heli-skiing. While these are sports for advanced skiers, there are also various proposals for beginners and intermediate level skiers. Quality snow is extraordinary, in large part because of the dry climate in the region, which gives you that consistency of powder so popular. Thanks to these features of the snow, the 230 acres of the resort are fully skiable throughout the season.

28 Titles available for all levels are in perfect condition, and it is possible to access them through 13 elevators arranged on the sides of the ski area. For those with no experience with the use of skis, the Center offers lessons of ski and snowboard, in charge of instructors with a high degree of preparation. Las Lenas is like a paradise for skiers and climbers and climbers. In the Park of the Center we can find the beautiful valley shelter, intended to protect those brave who dare to spend a night in the mountain. The region of which is popularly known as the land of the Sun and the good wine. It is not difficult to imagine why. However, it also has some recognition by its wonderful snow. Is why tourism in Mendoza extends to throughout all the year, in all seasons, due to the countless attractions that this province has to offer. All landscapes are present in Mendoza: amazing and modern cities, valleys always Greens, snow-capped peaks, rivers and lakes, providing a multitude of opportunities to the visitor.

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