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The Relevance Of The Organizational Climate

Carlos Mora Vanegas everyday companies are subject to challenges, changes, all of this, the product of the behavior of the scenarios in which they operate, that the Venezuelan case is turbulent, risky, with a lot of uncertainty resulting from political instability, actions of the government decided to introduce what it calls Socialism of the XXI century and that is causing adverse effects in the productive sector business. The effects of the actions of governments with their laws, taxation, control has affected the organizational behavior of many companies, giving way to the manifestation of a negative organizational climate that generates a low productivity, does not conform to the requirements and demand has seriously affecting the development of enterprises, especially SMEs.

The professor of organizational behavior graduate program specializing in quality management and productivity of Faces at the University of Carabobo, is deeply disturbed by the reality of organizational climate for many companies, especially SMEs, which shed results are not very good to meet the needs of the population in many rubles that involves industrial products, consumer. Hence, it provides the participants, executives with relevant positions in production systems, human resources, administration, basic knowledge, tools needed to rescue the current organizational behavior and to present a positive organizational climate that encourages all as part of the organization and certainly the country’s productive sector. Fully shares the program with the position of those who study this topic, it definitely is important for companies to measure and understand the organizational climate, as this can significantly impact the results.

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